Stingy Drew
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Stingy Drew

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | MAJOR

Chicago, Illinois, United States | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Reggae




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"Yeah They call me Stingy Drew, and I got what they want!" says Stingy while analyzing a few tracks right after a studio session in April '15. Thus, referring to his fans across the nation as well as in the rapper's birthplace, Chicago.This young talent just wants to see Chicago improve to one of the nation's entertainment power-cities such as New York and Los Angelos. With his cool image, innovating versatility,advance lyrics and ear-snatching choruses and self-made production, he and his record label, Progression Music Group Inc., may be able to do just that."I feel it's time for a change in our ways of life as well as music," says the Progression president/recording artist. Having a struggle-filled background as a minor and a "give me everything" image, He is something new, fresh and innovative. After all, The music industry could use a few, if not many, successful artists in the near future.

      Mostly seen clean cut , laid back  in expensive jeans with polo-styled shirts and shoes that most people couldn't get ,Stingy's personality is a reflection of his Jamaican decent (but is ironic also because we all may have seen a few Jamaicans that are rugged and savage-like or atleast I have). As a growing sex symbol from the windy city, this 24 year-old idol has not forgotten where he came from."The reason I do what I do is for the young black people in the hood with dreams of making it. Where I'm from the odds are against us and I'm out to change that." Deeply inspired by prayer and other rap legends such as,The Notorious B.I.G,2pac,Jay-z and Eminem, the road to stardom is not too far from StingyDrew's house.

     "I just started and never stopped, I fell in love with music I guess," mumbles the eight year veteran. Drew feels the reason he and his label-mates are so versatile is because of their Midwest placement on the map."I listen to music from every part of the country and neighboring islands. My music is from the soul of my culture and way of life." With a genre filled with closed-mind executives this rapper soaks up style like a sponge.With most of today's artist touching subjects like cocaine, and material things in every song, it is time hip-hop seek a change. "Savage City, the city where the strong survive and the weak die," quotes Stingy Drew.

         "I can and will change the game.I know talent and I know what the people want, which is most important," saysDrew. With all the criticism about Hip Hop today, Drew is ready to take it back to the basics. Artists today are making songs about anything and everything. Most of these artist are just riding the wave of what's going on today and their careers lack longevity. Stingy Drew feels he is the exact opposite of the new artist today. " I make classics,songs that can be played today or 5 years from now and still be hot. How many artist are really doing it like this?" Great question indeed, Maybe a handful if that!

      In an industry of scarce talent and limited stardom, this survival-built Chicago native is just what we need to keep our wonderful world of music interesting and prestige-filled. Both music and the world longs for a totally new approach and fresh style because Stingy indeed has it all. By stressing the importance of education and unity, he is the future for rap music. With national and international popularity, Stingy Drew  is able to relate to all age groups as well as a wide variety of audiences. In fact a lot of people believe Stingy Drew will be the buzz for years to come.

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