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StinkMitt must be heard to be believed. These dirty electro-hiphop divas have shocked, awed and toured their way into critical acclaim and a worldwide following. Having just released their highly-anticipated second LP "The Red Album", supported Peaches on tour, and are now poised to rule the world.


"Let's face it - StinkMitt are the greatest band ever!" George Strombolopolos; MuchMusic, CBC

Straight outta Vancouver, StinkMitt have changed the face of pop music forever. Betti Forde, Jenni Craige and Bigstuff make dirty, hilarious, intelligent AND genre-bending party music - thrilling peers, posers and party animals alike from continent to continent. StinkMitt's subversive electro-hiphop-funk onslaught has won them loud critical acclaim from press in Europe and North America and has spawned a virtual dirty-girl-booty-rap revival as evidenced by the recent
wave of loudmouthed Femcees following in Jenni & Betti's stinky steps. In the five short years StinkMitt have stormed the earth, they have slain shows from
San Francisco to New York to Berlin, shared stages with Peaches, The Gossip and Vitalic, and Jenni has done more freestyling while naked than any other rapper alive.
Proving that there is no rest for the wickedest band ever, StinkMitt took the beginning of 2007 to release "The Red Album" on San Francisco's rising indie
label Cochon. Doing it again, only better, "The Red Album" has pushed the band into new territory, giving the fans the raunch and wit they adore and
shockingly more. Fuel for their fire, StinkMitt rocked the road even harder, recently touring in the US and getting ready for their East Coast Overdose Tour with Smalltown DJs Aug. 16 to 28 and their Euro Trashed tour Sept. 14 to Oct. 13.

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I’m all alone, cheap champagne, so many pills run in my veins
Drunk on the phone the bloody stain, isolation kills
on the floor again. You’d thought you’d win this game…
Where’s DiMaggio? He forgot his ho. You let Bobbie get some too….So ripe let it go. Now just end the show


Pass that bottle over to me
I'm so lost I cannot see
Let's flip some of these ain't no point in being sober
Get it on with that Marilyn Monrover
I don't wanna be alive....

You’re coming over, I’m getting older
Never sober, a desperate little soldier
Turn me over, feeling colder,
Get it on with the Marilyn Monrover
You sleep over; I’ll pass ‘em over
Need to hold her until the party’s over
You’ll wanna mold her, you’ll never know her,
There’s a candle in the wind grab the flame and just blow

Some like it hot, some like it cold
Some like it with your corpse when you're in the morgue
Oh where is Maf? Who will feed him now?
Why oh why you have to screw with those two anyhow?
A break substain from pain
Sleeping with the Prez only made you prey
Why wait when it feels so strange
Now it's far too late and no one can help you

Second Bridge:
Why is life so hard in Hollywood?
No one can help you but you
I see that twinkle in your eye you're coming over
Get it on with that Marilyn Monrover
I don’t wanna be alive....

Repeat Chorus.

So many ways to die,
Just try and choose baby
You try your whole life you cry
Each way you lose baby


"The Red Album" (Full-length record) Cochon Records. USA Distribution: Canadian Distribution:
UK/EU Distribution:

"The Crime Scene 12" (Ltd. edition vinyl) out Oct. 31 on Cochon Records with worldwide distribution from Red Eye. Available also on

“Fan Etiquette” (A Peaches’ track featuring StinkMitt. Available on the Impeach My Bush Japanese Bonus EP (2006, Beggars/XL)

"Biker Shorts" (2004) Remix LP on Teenage USA Recordings. Available at

"Scratch n' Sniff" (2003) Full length CD on Teenage USA Recordings. Available at


“Jabba tha Slut” appears on the Ekleroshock Records compilation Unexpektheadz 2 (1/2007)

“Crime Scene” appears on the Pale Music compilation Berlin Insane (10/06)

"Pinch tha Box" appears on the soundtrack to the movie Stryker (2005) and on Tank Magazine's compilation of new music (9/2004)

"Tubes Tied" appears on West Coast Women in Rhyme Vol. I (In tha Chamber, 2004)

StinkMitt appear on's Mixtape Vol.1 (2005)

LICENSING: "The L-Word", MTV's "The Real World", MTV/Logo's "Exes & Oh's" (Forthcoming)Stryker (Canadian Indie Film) and Bloodchalker (another Canadian Indie Film)

“Marilyn Monroe Sleepover” (Promotional Length) - directed by D.E. Thompson (2006)
“Biker Shorts” – directed by Process (2004)
*Voted into the top 10 of the 2004 Indie Music Video Festival
“Sloppy Sock” - directed by Process (2004)
“Camel Toe” – directed by Urban Visuals/House of Venus (2004)
“Keep Me Fat” – directed by Lisa Schwartzman (2004)
“Cooking with the Stunt Man” – directed by The Stunt Man (2004)

Set List

Sets can vary - a typical 45 min - 1 hr set would include songs from both our releases as well as unreleased tracks and unrehearsed free-styling and re-working of tracks.

Marilyn Monroe Sleepover
Let's Get a Case
Camel Toe
Pinch da Box
Biker Shorts
Tubes Tied
The Harder We Come
Crime Scene
Jabba tha Slut