Stink Stank Stunk

Stink Stank Stunk


We are a 2 piece band who play to arrangements of our own design. Fueled by creativity and a deep arsenal of musical abilities, we have crafted a live set into a spectacle of guitar slinging, experi-MENTAL madness only to be compared with the early workings of Ween. We aim to please and shall!!!!!!!


M. Frank & Joey Lumpkin have been writing and playing together since 2000. Both seasoned musicians and have been playing a variety of styles since their meeting. Touching everything from metal, punk, hip-hop, electronic, rock, alternative and even country punk. Stink Stank Stunk was an unexpected birth in their musical life.

Lumpkin began tracking drums and bass for their original songs so that they could develop the structures and show incoming drummers and bass players the tunes. But it slowly developed into an art form and the Drum & Bass sound began taking great form while we pushed the songs in new direction with vocals, guitars and keyboards live.

We said "F it, we don't need no stinkin' band". Stink Stank Stunk in it most raw form is Lumpkin & Frank. Raw, fun, unexpected and really entertains.


We have one downloadable record that is available for FREE on our 7th & Bleecker label.

We have received some play on Blog Radio out of New Jersey and Figure 4 Leg Rock Podcast out of the U.K.