Stinky Munchkins

Stinky Munchkins


A black cowboy hat disco explosion, bedecked in feedback, cowbells and vintage car horns. A touch of the carnival, a taste of the old time music hall… day-glo surfaces conceal festering spikes and dank corners like a Sonic Youth remix of Miami Vice. Stinky Munchkins are soft art-rock, warrior pop.


Dino and Daryl started making music together in 2001. At the time Dino was lost up-river recording V-Twin’s first album and Daryl was approaching meltdown with dark electro warriors The Vugs. Both badly needed to find a little space that was their own.

They initially amused themselves by buying rubbish records from charity shops and challenging each other to turn them into something good using only their samplers and the sounds contained within the grooves.

Chas n’ Dave/Tottenham Hotspur 7"s metamorphosed into pulsating punk house epics, David Cassidy flexi discs were deconstructed and 1950s easy listening British folk songs were tortured into otherworldly oompah funk.

At some point they realised that this didn’t afford them enough chances to show off and decided that they had to form a proper band. Thus the Munchkins were born.

The scavenger instincts and lack of respect for stylistic boundaries remain from the early charity shop record days, but now this is combined with experiments in make-up and the dressing up box, paper mache carnival heads and enforced audience participation.

Dino and Daryl have been joined by Matt Gallus, another V-Twin refugee, on bass and Charlie Milne, ex of The Yummy Fur and The Karelia among others on guitar and after more drummers than they care to remember they finally hooked up with old friend Bix Cosmo.


Release the Lions - to be released soon on Art Goes Pop
Release the Lions - Vic Galloway BBC Radio1
Restart - XFM Scotland

Set List

A typical set would consist of:

Release The Lions
Soft Data
Explosions in the Monkey's Brain
No To Everything
Oh my God
Special Friends
Vapour Trail
Bad Timing
Starting A Fight In An Empty Room

These songs are all self composed, and this set lasts for about thirty five minutes.