BandHip Hop

My music is mostly based on the oppressed overcoming the struggles of life


Growing up i never knew there was ever going to be a time that i'll have to make a decision to be a rapper,i was raised in a society that influenced me to rapper about the problems we as a people are facing in this world like poverty,racial discrimination,crime and to show people who feel oppressed that there's still a hope somewhere,i have been inspired by different rappers like 2pac,eminem and nas. i would love to see people look up to me just like i looked up to the music legends that inspired me. my dream in this music career is to go further than i thought i could do and also to be a good role model to the people that will look up to me in the future.


i just recently made an E.P called STINO

Set List

we gonna make it
chasing my dream
welcome to my world
keep on trying
they say