Stir Fried

Stir Fried

 Teaneck, New Jersey, USA

Stir Fried is an original band based in New Jersey, performing a blend of swamp groove, psychedelic improvisations. This is genu-wine American free-wheelin' no-boundaries groove and like good old Jack Daniels himself, it's all in the blend.


STIR FRIED is the brain-child of singer/songwriter/drummer Johnny Markowski. The son of the brilliant writer, producer and recording artist Thomas Jefferson (Tommy) Kaye, Johnny boasts a strong musical pedigree. Clearly blessed with the talents of his father, Markowski with STIR FRIED is poised to claim his rock,'n' roll birthright.
Many legendary musicians have gravitated towards Stir Fried's original yet old school sound. The band has recorded and performed with the likes of Dr. John, Vassar Clements, Buddy Cage, Derek Trucks, Bernie Worrell, Tony Trischka, Commander Cody, and Jo Jo Herman to name a few.


Stir Fried (Self titled debut)
Electrifried (live recording)
Last of the Blue Diamond Miners