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The best kept secret in music


"Album Review I"

“These guys actually do sound good enough to be NME's next darlings. The melodies are thickly layered and the resulting sound is darkly atmospheric. “Côte D'Azur” is a rocking standout and “The Art Of Burning Bridges” is unbelievably haunting. Take my advice and get into this band now, so you can say you liked them before their inevitable fame.” - Chart Magazine

"Album Review III"

“Intricate melodies bob and weave around Booi’s vocal inflections to nice effect, especially on “The Art of Burning Bridges.” Yet amid all the melancholy that threads Northern Light together, it’s nice to see these guys resurrect a bit of the rock on “Côte D’Azur”. It likely won’t be long before Stirling will decamp Toronto and become the Brit cover boys they seem destined to become.” - Vue Weekly, Edmonton

"Concert Review II"

“Stirling has emerged from the depths of Canada's music scene, gathering a steady cult following and delivering a sucker-punch of bonafide brilliance. Moving on an almost epic scale to a backdrop of images projected on stage, their sound swept the rapt audience. Deliciously mesmerizing.” - The Gate

"Concert Review III"

“It was pretty clear from the crowds of gathering people that Stirling was one of the buzz bands of the night and their music didn't disappoint. Gorgeously unique vocal talent married to moodily epic songs.” -

"Concert Review IV"

“My prediction: Stirling is going to become another cog in the entity that is creating this new, fashionable, Canuck epic-rock sound. I could see why some would compare them to Coldplay, though that isn't the only way to describe them. It's darker, a little rougher, but still sweet with melody. Heavy drums combined with keyboards and a tight rhythm section created a flow. It was easy to get into the band.” - The Courier

"Concert Review V"

“The first act we saw (during Canadian Music Week) was also one of the best. Stirling is a Toronto-based band whose sound has a decided British influence, but the strength of their material and musicianship and soaring vocals help them transcend mimicry. They've just finished recording a debut album. One to watch.” - Tandem Magazine

"Concert Review I"

“Toronto-based Stirling was an impressive opener for the hard-to-impress Lee’s Palace crowd. Their soaring U2-esque vocals and piano-driven ballads set the crowd swaying.” -

"Album Review IV"

“This local quartet goes for the jugular by summoning the ghosts of Brit Rock Past. Hints of the Verve, Pulp and the Floyd can all be heard in Stirling's swirling sonic brew with the searing guitars of Everything and the red hot sting of Côte D'Azur.” - Now Magazine

"Album Review II"

“Very few indie bands manage to give me goose bumps, especially on their debut CD. Toronto-based Stirling is one such band. The album is called Northern Light and it simply blew me away from start to finish. Stirling is a band that is definitely ready for the big time. It’s really hard to pick a favourite track on this epic debut, but I’m going with track 3, “The Art of Burning Bridges”. This tune totally personifies the band’s sound and sucks you in with its super catchy hooks and sweet harmonies. By the sounds of it, Stirling is on a mission to make people around the world take Canadian music seriously and shoot to the top come hell or high water. Their powerful Brit pop sound resonates like that of Coldplay and The Verve, making them a band you absolutely have to check out.” - Spill Magazine

"Album Review V"

“The album successfully captures the intensity of their live show, which will be evident when they’re playing large arenas to thousands of screaming girls. This is a band poised to take Canada by storm and don’t be surprised if the world follows.” - The Journal, Queens University


The View From Here....EP
The Idea and The Deed....EP
Northern Light....LP


Feeling a bit camera shy


There is nothing standard about Stirling. How could there be with a band named after a famous British racing driver and that includes a drummer who wanted to be Buddy Rich when he grew up and a lead guitar player who bought every recording the Jesus and Mary Chain ever made. After finally making good on their drunken promises, Stirling was formed in Edmonton by the aforementioned lead guitarist Josh Dallmann and vocalist/guitarist/piano player Matt Booi during the long, cold winter of 2000. Taking their cue from such influences as the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Verve, the Beatles and David Bowie, they convened in a number of basements, rehearsal spaces, bars and legion halls to throw around musical ideas, expound conspiracy theories and share the odd drink. The band began to develop a sound that was distinctly at odds with the alt-country and punk rock that dominated the local music scene. Gigs were booked, shows were played. Members joined, members left. Along the way, two EPs, The View From Here and The Idea and The Deed, were recorded with mad genius Ian Martin at the Twilight Living Room.
In November of 2002, despite positive reviews and a loyal following, Dallmann and Booi concluded that the time had come to leave Edmonton and head for Toronto. Goodbyes were made and a rhythm section was left behind. Fortunately, just after their arrival, they ran into UK born drummer and Buddy Rich aficionado Michael Broadley. The product of jazz musician grandparents and his father's huge vinyl collection, Broadley brought a new sense of drums dynamics to the band with his ability to hit the drums very, very hard. Stirling continued to hone its epic, swirling sound built on Booi's powerful, expressive voice and Dallmann's reverb and delay enhanced sonic adventurousness. A showcase in mid-2003 brought them to the attention of popguru founder Graham Stairs who was impressed enough to sign the band to a management contract. The last piece of the puzzle finally fell into place in the fall of 2003 when they enlisted the services of bassist and sole Torontonian Jeremy Gontier. The band's debut album, Northern Light, was released on June 15th in Canada. The track, I Came Late To The Party, was featured on the Sony Pictures television series Joan of Arcadia and a video for the song was added into Medium rotation on both MuchMusic and MuchMoreMusic.