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Stitchez consists of 2 members, Chaotik and Methotical. They represent everything you have ever feared. There music has a wide variety of different styles but still stay's on key with the subject at hand. They rap about all the harsh reality's in the world. subject's such as rape, murder, suicide, drugs, you name it. "Parents and teachers don't understand what this music is all about. Yeah, we rap about murdering people, suicide and all those other bad things in life, but we don't do it. The point is to let people know that that stuff ain't just in the movie's, it really happens." say's Chaotik.


Dark Lotus
Project Deadman
"Lung-Fu-Mo-She" Era Marz

Set List

a typical set list for us is around 30 minutes but can last uo an hour on a good day with alot of people watching.

for the typical 30 minute set list, we would prolly play this songs:

Thrown Away
Better Than You
Wake Up
Rocky Dennis
Back Up
Late Night Murder Show

(No Specific Order)

We may do a cover here and there but not on a regular basis.