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I think my first description is sufficient for the most part. So i suppose i'll just fill in some of my background. I've been writing music since I was fifteen. I've never been one to spend much time learning to play the music of others. I have great respect for a fast variety of musicians, but I have never idolized anyone or wanted or tried to play like anyone else. At the same time, I listen to any music available. I don't much search it out, but I let it come to me and willingly accept it. Therefore I have been influenced by hundreds, maybe thousands of musicians. I think everything I have heard musically has influenced my instrumental composition, and everything I've heard vocally, be it in music or in conversation, has influenced my lyrics and vocal styling. I have only played in one complete band that I would consider to be of any significance. Triplepane, out of Jackson Michigan. We played a heavy groove/punk style of heavy metal. We were together for 3+ years and played close to a hundred shows. I played bass guitar and sang lead vocals. We recorded a 13 song album and parted ways. After that I concentrated my energy on my solo work. I decided to try to get back to what I truly felt I wanted to let out. I spent over a year writing and recording on my own, writing close to thirty songs. I came to a point where I knew I was going to have to decide what part I wanted to play when these songs went public and shows were being booked. I decided what was most important to me was the lyrics. After that decision, I made one more very important step. I contacted a vocal coach.
I had never been in a music education situation other than some trumpet lessons in junior high, and a few choir lesson. I discovered that I had a lot to catch up on. I had picked up bits and pieces of music theory all along the way in the past. With someone pointing me in the right direction, the pieces started falling in to place very quickly. My mission though, when starting lessons, was to become a better singer. I knew I lacked consistency
and control. My teacher started me from the beginning. Made me sing in a way that was very fundamental. After learning fundamentals, I would work my style back into it. Taken lessons is the best thing I have ever done for myself musically.
As far as where my music is going in the future, I'm not sure. I am always looking for the people that I will fit with. I play with bands and musicians when I find good prospects. We most always part on good terms. I am still looking for the right people, still writing and recording on my own, and still taking lessons. I am happy with where I am in my music life right now. I am still growing, and always keep hope and faith that the universe will guide me to where I am supposed to be. Peace with life is a beautiful thing.