Sooner Than Later

Sooner Than Later


Aggressive in your face ROCK fuzed with metal and rap. Our fans have told us we have similar sounds to bands like: Sevendust, Dark New Day, Hed P.E., Non-Pointe, Stuck Mojo


Born 2006, in St. Louis, MO, Sooner Than Later has become an icon in the local music scene. Powered by Mo on the bass, and JoeT on drums, their sound is solid and hard-hitting. Infused with dynamic riffs by Kyle on lead guitar and Josh rhythm, the sound is unmatched and unique.

The road that took them to the eventual climax of perfect collaboration was a rough one. It started with an earlier band, Trypnotic, but conflicts with future aspirations led to an eventual split. Eager to find catalysis, the search for a guitarist started and the call was answered by Kyle. The rest is history. Life , the debut album was released in October 2008 by EliteRock Records and can be found in record stores and online everywhere.

If you want in your face rock with an aggressive, high energy stage show, this is the band for you. Hope to see you there rockin Sooner than Later!!


I'll See You There

Written By: Sooner Than Later

Take a look and you will see
What was wrong and how you dare to be
Envy Jealousy is what I want
You scream it out to me
You will not hear what I have to say
Never doubt this game I play
I’ll get by, but here’s what I have to say

I’ll see you there, when I’m on top of this
One look at you emotionless
I’ll see you there, in my dreams
You might not care but I’ll see you there

Here we are and now’s the time
It’s up to you, what will we find
Ignorance and pain will always stay
You tell me your way
You will sense it all, in the end
You doubt me everyday
I’ll get by, but here’s what I have to say

In My Head

Written By: Sooner Than Later

You’re going to get out, Kicking down the door
Without a doubt
You know the word, You know how I feel
You know the deal
Lock you away, Did it once before
Kept you at bay
All of this pain, Makes me want to kill
All of this strain

I can’t get the evil out
I cannot smoke you out
I can’t get the evil out
Get you out of my head right now

This evil is mine, Running through my vain
The scars you leave behind
I’m going insane, Trying to play this game
Going down in flames
I’m never getting out, I can’t take no more
Without a doubt
All of this pain, Makes me want to kill
All of this strain

False Perceptions (Life)

Written By: Sooner Than Later

When I look around
All I see is a life
That’s full of deception and illusions
To take your mind off of reality

As I, take a look at this thing that we call life
I notice people tell a lot of lies
I notice that people like to try to hide
Their true selves until they think the time is right
I don’t know why we have to be like this
Truth comes out and it makes others like me pissed
Up till now I enjoy the time we had

I don’t know my life has to be this way
I just want to take life and throw it all away
If I had my choice it would be another way
I just hope tomorrow will bring this life a good day

I know that I can’t take this anymore
The way you view this life
Its like you can’t see anymore

Its like you, live this life with you hand over your eyes
You can’t see whats the truth and what are lies
I don’t think that you want the truth to hide
But what I know is the way you feel inside
You don’t want your life to be like this
I saw the look on you face when he clinched his fist
And you know all the problems that he had

Eyes Still Open

Written By: Sooner Than Later

How do you know what I feel
You tell me things that you think are real
You don’t know where I am from
So you don’t know the deal
Then come on baby tell me how I feel
You don’t know

What you say to me
It affects how I see
If you could see into these eyes
Then you will know we’ll always be
What you say to me
If affects how I breathe
And that’s how you will know

When I look into your eyes
It shows me things you try to hide
No matter how hard you try
Your eyes will tell me what’s inside
So go ahead and try to hide
Everything that’s inside
You don’t know


Written By: Sooner Than Later

We don’t know how we don’t know why
We don’t know how you could be this way
We don’t know how we don’t know why
You’re lies effect us each day

You’re holding us down until we despise
You’re holding us back with all your lies
You lie to yourself worried about what’s next
You lie to your friends there is no respect

Running from yourself theirs no where to hide
Betrayed by yourself lie after lie
You tell us what right but then you do the wrong
You have everyone’s help but you choose to run

Keep On Keepin' On

Written By: Sooner Than Later

I get drunk I get high
Remember this every night
You said that you wanted me
Mix up with all those lies
I cannot hold my disguise
I wanted you are blind
That’s why I’m always high
Just to forget your right

You keep on yelling at me
I don’t know what to say
You keep on yelling at me
Remind me everyday
You keep on yelling at me
Pushing me further away
You keep on yelling at me
That’s why I won’t stay

You keep on pushing, I keep on pulling away
You keep on screaming, I keep on feeling this way
You keep on chasing, I keep on running away
You keep on hiding, I cannot find you

I cannot eat or sleep
I’ll never know what you think
You kill me with what you say
Expecting me to obey
I cannot hold my tongue
You told me I should run
It’s easier said than done
Look at what I’ve become


Written By: Sooner Than Later

I remember the first time remember the second time
Remember the third time you said that to me
I remember the four time remember the fifth time
I remember the sixth time remember everyday
I remember the seventh time remember the eighth time
Remember the ninth time all the same way
I remember the tenth time especially the last time

And it makes say why
Why do I stay?
Why do you play?
Why do I do this everyday?
Why do you say?
You want me to stay
How can I take anymore?

This is all I can take
I cannot do this everyday
This is all I can take
You are the reason I feel this way
This is all I can take
Why did you do this all to me?
This is all I can take

And it makes me day why
Why do I try?
Why do you lie?
Why do I sever these ties?
Why do you fly?
When I say its time
I wish I could fly away

I don’t know how to live like this
I don’t know why you act like this
I want to know why


Written By: Sooner Than Later

You don’t phase me, you don’t see that you
Mean nothing to me, that’s why I push you down
The air you breathe, is what I control
You suffocate, and then I’ll fucking let you breathe again

You don’t show me anything
You don’t’ fight for anything
You don’t push for anything
You are so spineless

You don’t show me anything at all
There’s no respect for you at all
You don’t show me you can fight at all
That’s why you’re my bitch

When I see you all see is a weak
Little coward that runs to his fuckin' mommy
Thats why I make sure to fuck
with your mind everytime you fuckin' come around

You don’t show me anything
You don’t’ fight for anything
You don’t push for anything
You are so spineless


Full Length Album "Life"

Set List

Sets 30 - 60 Minutes of all original music