Stockwood, A Genuine Tribute to The Beatles (and STILL the World's Youngest!)

Stockwood, A Genuine Tribute to The Beatles (and STILL the World's Youngest!)

 Woodstock, Illinois, USA

Stockwood is A Genuine Tribute to The Beatles who have been astounding audiences for 8 years. These young musicians recreate the music that transcends time with a musical proficiency that entertains audiences of all ages.


Collin Berg (age 18) as John Lennon
“I began playing guitar at the age of 7,” says Collin, “playing in a church band. It was a lot of fun and not long after that I wrote my first song.” At about age 8 or 9 Collin was exposed to The Beatles through his parents. “I really liked their music. It stuck with me like glue.”
All of Collin’s guitar teachers have influenced him (Paul at Dr. Woods Guitar Emporium and
Mike Musick) but two fellow Beatles Tribute artists – Kevin Mantegna and Marty Scott of Liverpool Legends really helped perfect his Beatles look and sound.
When asked why he sticks with performing in a Beatles tribute like Stockwood, the answer is quick. “Because I love The Beatles and I love performing their music. Everyone knows the music. And I especially love all of Stockwood's fans. Thanks guys for the support. Also thanks to our parents. Otherwise, we couldn't do what we love.”
As for favorite gigs, Collin prefers the BIG theatres like the Rosemont and the Genesee but he also loves the huge outside venues like Abbey Road on the River.
You might wonder if Beatles music is all he listens to. Like his fellow band mates, it is not…Collin listens to AC/DC, Guns n' Roses, Van Halen, Wilco, The Redwalls and all the other classic rock bands.
When not performing with Stockwood, Collin focuses on his education and his future. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Woodstock HS and is now attending Columbia College in Chicago. While at WHS, he was in Varsity Choir, Jazz Band, Jazz Combo and SRO (an all-male a Capella chorus). With SRO, he traveled to NYC in April 2011 to compete in their national competition. SRO, representing the entire Midwest, was one of only 10 vocal groups winning the honor to compete. He also is a prolific songwriter – both on his own and in partnership with his band mate John Morefield. Hmmmm, Collin “John Lennon” Berg and John “Paul McCartney” Morefield collaborating on writing songs. Could musical history be repeating itself?

John Morefield (age 17) as Paul McCartney
John Morefield started playing piano at age 4 and, in 2004, taught himself to play guitar in order to portray George Harrison in Stockwood. After all, if Stockwood was going to succeed, they would have to focus on the authenticity necessary to pay proper tribute to The Beatles. John’s love for music and especially guitar is influenced by, of course, The Beatles, as well as other classic rock and metal groups such as Van Halen, AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Metallica. His guitar idols are Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Angus Young and Tom Morello. John also appreciates classical music, “Big Band” music of the 1930’s and 1940’s, and more modern groups such as Rage Against The Machine and Vampire Weekend.
Recently, John developed a greater appreciation for Paul McCartney and his left-handed bass playing, as well as his vocal range, when he made the decision to shift from portraying George Harrison to Sir McCartney. In less than 6 months John not only taught himself to play “lefty” bass, but also to master a good portion of the entire McCartney catalog.
School finds John favoring classes in German and Science as well as participating in Jazz Band and Men’s Choir. John is also a member of the Woodstock High School Madrigal Singers and, when not performing in Stockwood, focuses on his piano skills and composing piano music including his most recent composition, The Dish Rag.
John enjoys Stockwood because allows him to share the music of The Beatles with others and helps keep decades of music as influential to the new and future generations as it was to past generations. When asked where he likes to perform, John favors large venues with a greater number of attendees and charity fundraisers.
It is not surprising that John’s love for playing music, along with his understanding of music theory, leads him to writing his own songs. His songwriting is influenced greatly by his favorite bands and guitarists’ playing styles. When done with practicing songs of The Beatles he along with his band mates continue to refine their original songs.

Nick Solideo (age 18) as George Harrison
Nick has been playing guitar since age 11. Although he dabbled in bass and piano over the past couple years, guitar is his passion and it shows. He would always strive to learn the guitar parts to any and all of his favorite Classic Rock era songs as well as some more modern Rock-N-Roll. But why such a strong passion for the Beatles? Nick has a quick reply. “My mom played Beatles music in the car since I was a baby so it is no wonder I love them so much.”
As well as playing guitar, Nick attends Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire where he is in the Law Club and also works part-time as a server in a restaurant at a Lincolnshire retirement community.
When asked where a favorite gig would be, Nick says playing in front of a huge crowd is always great watching a sea of faces smiling

Set List

I'll Be on My Way
Young Blood
Some Other Guy
Thank You Girl
Baby It's You
You Really Got a Hold on Me
I Saw Her Standing There
Can't Buy Me Love
'Til There Was You
A Hard Day's Night
I Wanna Be Your Man
Roll Over Beethoven
All My Loving
Things We Said Today
I Feel Fine
Rock and Roll Music
Ticket to Ride
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Slow Down
Honey Don't

I Saw Her Standing There
Anna (Go to Him)
Ask Me Why
Please Please Me
Baby It's You
Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Twist and Shout

It Won't Be Long
All My Loving
Don't Bother Me
Little Child
'Til There Was You
Please Mr. Postman
Roll Over Beethoven
You Really Got a Hold on Me
I Wanna Be Your Man
Money (That's What I Want)

A Hard Day's Night
I Should Have Known Better
If I Fell
I'm Happy Just to Dance with You
And I Love Her
Tell Me Why
Can't Buy Me Love
Any Time at All
I'll Cry