Stoic Static

Stoic Static


Do you like Nirvana? Do you like the Foo Fighters? How about the Smashing Pumpkins? Is so then Stoic Static is THE must listen to band for you. Rising from Louisville Kentucky this original rock trio is the next major rock n' roll sensation.


Stoic Static is a three piece original rock band from Louisville Kentucky. We have 30 original songs and we can play up to a 2 hour set. Our first full length album "The Post Modern Descent" is ready for release this winter. Our band has played many shows at a variety of venues. We are self taught musicians ready to take the radio waves over by storm. We are tired of all those overly exhausted bohemian cliche ideas of what rock music is, so open your ears and your mind and just let our music take you away from an ordinary typical listening experience.

We’ve all come from different backgrounds. Many events conspired in order for the three of us to meet. Mitch and Jon met each other in high school through Nick, the band’s old rhythm guitarist. Collectively they had become Evergreen, a three piece band searching frantically for a drummer good enough to make their songs have the right heartbeat. Years passed as drummer after drummer never really seemed to work out. The members had all changed in their own ways as well as the band name to Stoic Static. Nick quit the band and Mitch and Jon continued on looking for a drummer. Finally after years of searching they received a message on the band website from a guy named Derrick. He played with the band from October 2008 through July 2009. In September of 09' the band picked up Blaire and they have been going strong ever since. Their live performances sound better than ever and they now have a great CD in the very near horizon.
Contact Number: Jon 502 - 553 - 7407, Mitch 502 - 416 - 5490, Blaire 502 - 553 - 9734


Our song "After The Future" currently recieves radio airplay on 93.1 the FOX on the radio show "Louisville Rocks". The show airs every sunday from 7pm-8pm.

Set List

1. After The Future
2. By and By
3. The Hippy Song
4. I Hope Not
5. Soap
6. Discolorful
7. Riptide
8. Nocturnal Emissions
9. Asking Why
10. Days Gone By
11. Absolution
12. For Which You Pray
13. A Different Kind Of Animal
14. Familiar Faces
15. Cringe
16. Someone That Was Me
17. First Taste
18. Mr. Excuse Man
19. One More Time
20. All Together Now
21. Skin Deep
22. Sugar Coated
23. Unreachable
24. Alabaster Fields
25. City Lights
26. Daydream
27. In The Pond
28. All That You Are
29. Under My Tongue
30. Roots