Stoker is an alternative rock band with strong roots in metal and grunge. These strong elements combine to give a flux of metal gripe with a dynamic punk assault of wails and love betrayed screams, all in a nice, big, catchy box wrapped with a captivating hook on your brain.


Stoker started making a name for themselves in Summer of 2004, but has played music together since 1999. Stoker is John McGowan on Guitar/Vocals, Nicole Tantillo on Bass, and Dan Scrima on Drums/Vocals.
Stoker has become a household name in their hometown of Pearl River, NY, and have began to expand their musical talents to NYC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.
Stoker has been bringing more fans along with their ever-growing arsenal of passionate songs. Every passing day brings forth more opportunites for the trio, as venues are getting larger, and distances farther away.


No Mercy

Written By: Stoker - John McGowan

minds illusion
static so clear
in all i see
when you were near
how do i feel?
how do i feel?
comes so real
in all i see
in all i see
when you were near

i saw you leave
i heard you leave
i saw you walk
right throught the door
i saw you leave
heard you leave
i watched you crawl then slip
and fall

broke my spine
as i tried to reach
stretch for your stars
but none you keep
how do i feel,
in what i felt,
in what i had?
comes and goes
oh mercy knows
oh mercy has

no mercy,
no mercy on me

Enola Gay

Written By: Stoker

You're such a liar
To treat me like you do
And now I can’t bother
To go back and forth with you

Severed saturated and cast out
Soaked to the bone in burnt ash of hope
You have sickened my soul today
Shadows of lost thoughts, nomadic dreams

You said it was alright
Don’t hold me back
I did believe in you
You said it was alright
Don’t tear me back
There's nothing more I can do

Do you want me to go
Tell me now and let me know

Breathe in the resolve of reason
Turn a blind eye face the heart of treason
The stains of those lives you were saving
Have fallen to dust like those you were killing

Feel heat rising taking over
Lets hope I’m not right
Lets hope I’m not right
Lets hope I’m not right
Tear it all limb from limb dust to dust
Ash to…

Do you want me to go
Drop the bomb and let me know


Written By: Stoker

You don’t need me to tell you
This isn't working
I don’t need you to yell
I’m feeling it in my veins
ain't it strange ho u change
And leave it up to me
I'm curious if you're even
Listening to me

It feels right and I’m sure
Don’t want it to slip away
But I’m dead and I’m broke
Feeling it slip away

Promise me you won’t leave
Just leave me to figure out
Make like you're dead
I won’t worry bout you coming back
Follow me to the next kill
Leave nothing in your place
Replace the place that you gave us
You left me to figure out



No Mercy EP
2. Saving Face
3. Enola Gay
4. No Mercy
5. Still Breathing

Set List


Enola Gay
Saving Face
Smoke n' Mirrors
Central Avenue
Still Breathing
No Mercy
Void Where Prohibited
Remind Me of a Time


Foo Fighters - Everlong
Lynard Skynard - Sweet Home Alabama
Alkaline Trio - Radio
God Bless America (w/ bagpipes)

Sets are typically within 45 minutes to 1 hour, 20 minutes.