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Glass Houses (2010)



There is realness and depth to Stokka’s sound that creates a canvas for near endless musical experimentation and growth. Stokka’s words and music bridge chasms of silent emotion, capturing the listener’s imagination, and reunite many elements of electronic music’s fractured existence.

“In a weird way it feels like a rebirth and sudden death taking place at the exact same time,” commented lead songwriter Jason Munro, on the rekindling of his long time friendship with singer Tiago Pablo, and the reincarnation of their musical relationship through Stokka.

“We’ve grown as musicians, we’ve grown as people, and we approached Stokka by digging deep into ourselves and checking our inhibitions at the door.”

In part, it was the longing to fill a desperate and disparate emotional void and break from the viscous cycle of meaningless and mundane suburban life that re-connected Jason and Tiago, giving life to Stokka’s new electro-rock sound.

A fusing of very different musical influences – incorporating 1980s alt rock synth, dark 1990s industrial baselines, and deep post-millennium trance beats – Stokka has become a platform upon which a range of pent-up and conflicting personal emotions are put on display for others to hear and feel.

Tiago puts it into his own perspective.

“At times I’m not sure whether Stokka is a gallery of sounds on display or a personal crucifixion. Maybe, in this case, there’s no difference…”


Starting their musical journey together as run-of-the-mill misguided suburbanite teenagers playing garage punk music in dreary downtown Toronto nightclubs during the mid 90s, their musical careers eventually separated, leading them down two markedly different paths.

Jason traded in his bass guitar for a new synthesizer, and worked diligently to develop his technical and production skills – transforming his basement from punk rock jam-pad to personal studio, where he’s recorded and produced albums and song tracks for a handful of local artists.

Tiago, on the other hand, spent years exploring new musical and lyrical avenues, from his time singing in local thrash and metal bands to months of formal training in opera.


After only a few short weeks experimenting with different sounds and musical arrangements it was as though a creative levee broke.

After enlisting the support of drummer Matt Munro and guitarist Dave Munro, who have performed and toured with a number of independent local Toronto artists in a variety of experimental alt-rock, metal and hip hop-fusion genres, the former band-mates and brothers added insight and expertise to Stokka’s initial recording sessions.

The sessions produced more than sixty songs over the span of two months, nine of which make up the band’s first EP release, Envy.

Although unmistakably unique in their sound and style, a number of distinctive themes emerge through the music – introducing the listener to Stokka’s creative mind, and its bare soul.

The rawness and simple melodies in Tiago’s vocal patterns complement the vulnerability and genuineness in his lyrics. The lyrical emotionality gives each song it’s own quality, which flows carefully alongside the tightly arranged and thoroughly developed synthesized musical undertones – showcasing an array of different instrumental sounds, rhythms, melodies and patterns that help identify Jason, Dave and Matt’s comprehensive artistic backgrounds.

Throbbing bass beats can just as well be described as incorporating soulful elements of Tiesto’s trance just as much as it can be compared to classic Depeche Mode electronica.

Heavy and hypnotic drum beats are a blend of hip hop stylings transposed by the industrial tempos of David Bowie, Skinny Puppy or Ministry.

New age violins and piercing piano chords are balanced by mesmerizing rhythms that re-conceptualize conventional pop sounds and bring the musical diversity of Stokka full circle.


Through Stokka, not only has the musical journey for both singer and songwriter begun for a second time around, it is being redefined. Stokka takes dead aim at popular musical and lyrical conventions, with the intent of reawakening a sullen and fragile generation.

Stokka is life through a reunion of sound…

Stokka is truth and honour…

Stokka is repentance and reconciliation…

Stokka is raw, beautiful emotion.