STOL is a Copenhagen-based duo inspired by Nitzer Ebb, 80`s goth rock and a society blissfully unaware. We've been working seven years to get it right. Now we play, loud and intense. With cutting edge equipment. Classic songwriting and melody making. Add smashing performance & stir. Start shaking.


We started out as just a lyricist with a faible for Beckett, God Machine and avant-garde litterature; and a selftaught melody-maker extraordinaire with a profound love of Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode and Front 242.

We first made 10-15 extremely elaborated songs that later were discarded. One reviewer said it sounded an awful lot like Exiter from The Mode, although it was made two years before that album came out.

The style was changed - more Joy Division, callous and in-yer-face. Not one mention of love anywhere. All tracks are guitar-dominated, an allusion to Sisters of Mercy and any great band that ever used distortion.

Now we have a line-up with four musicians: a singer/songwriter, 2 tech-guys and a guitarist. The lyricist is out there in front of the stage, ecstatic to hear his words expounded so crisp and so absurdly loud. STOL is ready for the world. And you are ready for STOL.


Claymore 64

Written By: Martin Ferro-Thomsen

Frag faces overlook the killing zone
Daisy chained for shrapnel showers
"Front Toward Enemy"
"Front Toward Enemy"

Funeral party on wheels approaches
Tiger technology provided for the people
Celebrating death when it happens
Celebrating death when it happens

Remotely triggered but strikes so near
A pale procession relays my fear
Claymore 64
Claymore 64

Mescal Margarita

Written By: Martin Ferro-Thomsen

You know that black snow
Just owns more character

A perfect circle is a perfect lie
This machine breeds desire

It might be overkill
But at least there will be casualties

Mescal Margarita
Mescal Margarita

Death by Learning, Death by Doing

Written By: Martin Ferro-Thomsen

Connect the dots
Draws a life
Connect the dots
Draws a knife

This was it, the finest hour
So it should be, so it would be
If it wasn't for the years that beat my face
With paper cuts of insight

You'll make it, friend, don't worry
Step by step, number by number

Tefau ohne Laut

Written By: Martin Ferro-Thomsen

You pick yourself up in the morning
Sexy fish reek at dawn

An image shatters on the terrazzo
This makeup never fit that face anyway

It's a living room without the life
And it's the man behind the glass

Tefau ohne Laut, Tefau ohne Laut

Science ended in theory; insight clouded by metaphors; suspense broken up as poetry. Why did I try so hard? The gentle outline of the hills, the palm of night on my restless heart tells me so much more.*

* Adaptation from A. Camus: Absurd Walls

No Rest in Restaurants

Written By: Martin Ferro-Thomsen

A thought so deep
It scars your mind

A sight so sombre
No needles
Can close your eyes

There is no rest in restaurants
No sleep in hotels

You pay to stay here
But you're (not) free to leave

You Build It, You Break It

Written By: Martin Ferro-Thomsen

You are perfect, just perfect, and dear
Bleached and skinny, hardly even there
Yet you crush me with your body
Your silence cries like wind and rain
Never cruel, just feels like it
Please, mama, no pain

I guess you build it and I just break it
I'll hit the kerb, sooner than you wish


Hemisphere Constructor, 4 track EP
Face Work, LP

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