Stolen Soul

Stolen Soul

 Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA

We're Stolen Soul, a band that incorporates a mix of metal/punk to fit the tastes of a variety of listeners. We believe in having fun and writing from the heart. Many of our songs give social commentary about the world we live in and things we'd like to see change. We're not afraid to be ourselves.


Stolen Soul was formed by Nate Searl (Guitarist) and Alex Eudaley (Vocalist) in the summer of 2010. Nate and Alex met at college and instantly realized each other's talents as musicians. Alex was previously in a band that had broken up recently, he recruited the original bassist, Ariel Nebel, and Rhythm Guitarist Brandon Marks. When the search for a drummer went poorly, Nate decided to ask his younger brother Sean if he was willing, Sean quickly enrolled in lessons and become competent within months as well as recruiting his friend Jim Hollen as Keyboardist. In the winter of 2010 Bassist Ariel Nebel left to join another band, and Stolen Soul picked up a great friend Matt Goodwin to replace him.

We don't believe in putting boundaries on our music. We're willing to venture outside our comfort zones and try new things, pushing our musical talents to its outermost limits. In our songs we incorporate melodic harmonies, shredding solo's and breakdowns to entice our listeners. Our main influences as a band have been: Avenged Sevenfold, A Day to Remember, The Used, and Sum 41.


We are currently working on an EP to give our fans something to jam to and spread our songs to those who haven't seen us live. We have finished two songs, Operation Modification and Failure to Yield, both scratch demos. We currently have 6 originals and have 7 others in the making.

Set List

Operation Modification,
Failure to Yield
King of Hearts
At Last
Out of the Ashes
Take a Step Back
Collision Points
Unholy Confessions (Avenged Sevenfold cover)
The Hell Song (Sum 41 cover)