Stolen Tom

Stolen Tom

 Morpeth, England, GBR

Stolen Tom hail from the Cold Barren wastelands of Northumbria. A Trashy band that mixes old school Rock and Grungy guitars and fast breaking drums which take on the form of many genres mangled together. Everything from rock, punk, ska and reggae all mixed into a lovely pot of melodic songblasts.


Stolen Tom have been rocking out in pubs, clubs, bars and barns for nearly two years, and they are on the verge of something big. Every time they play they make new fans, and always new friends along the way. Having recorded their first album with money they raised themselves from gigs, the lads are proven to be hungry for it and are destined for great things. (At a recent show, it was said that these guys could be massive in Japan, it also duly noted that the drummer is 6" 3" and the bass player has arms like popeyes daddy - of course they would be big in Japan, the rhythm section are big here ! )

The four members of the band are all from Northumberland in North East England. ( The music scene is as diverse as it get locally, and lots of talent struggles to get heard. ) Pulled together by a love of playing, the lads quickly settled into a style of their own, mixing rock and punk with breaking drums, shredding riffs and funky bass licks. ( Creating a recognisable sound that a lot of people have described as '......Stolen Tom' )

This band are truly awesome live. They play hard and start the party harder and never leave the stage without being asked for more, ever !
Stolen Tom are : Shaggy - Vocals/Guitar ... Flinty - Guitar ... Daz - Bass ... Sav - Drums/Vocals


Debut album 'Doo Dan Doo Dilly' released March 2010.

Set List

2 sets. 1st set 45mins, 2nd set 1 hour. A mixture of original material and covers.

A typical set list would be:-
Going Down
Like Hell
I Fell Fine (Beatles)
Proud I Am
Punk Rock Joe
15 Years (The Levellers)
Another Way
Cold Gin (KISS)
Billy Jean (Michael Jackson)

Down Under (Men at Work)
Half a Man
Fight Music
Leave Me Alone
Four Kicks (Kings of Leon)
Bar Girl
Brain Stew (Green Day mixed with Eminem)
You Don't Know Me
Elanor Rigby (Beatles)
500 Miles (The Proclaimers)