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Artist Overview: STONE is a confident newcomer laced with southern charm and universal appeal. His baby-face looks make a dream come true for females of all ages while his hard core street sensibility real-life experiences make him relatable and credible to a strong male base.



What was to be the end of the story…
Turned out to be the only beginning

After serving 7 years of a life sentence, Rodney Jones was given a 2nd chance in 2004 by the Mississippi Supreme Court due to the negligence of the state prosecutor. Rather than adopting a lifelong criminal mentality, he re-entered society nearly a decade later a stronger and wiser man, more determined than ever to find a Better Way and Brighter Dayz.

Raised in a loving family, Rodney Jones was reared under the watchful eyes of his father, a southern Baptist minister yet tempted by the grasp of the streets of the "Bold New City", Jackson, Mississippi. Torn between God's gifts and the Devil's playground the young man was as good at sports and singing as he was at stealing cars and hustling. A standout amateur boxer who represented MS at the Jr. Olympic Nationals, Jones traded in his prize gloves for the lure of the gangster lifestyle and paid with the high price of his freedom at the age of 17.

Nicknamed "Baby Stone" while locked up, the teenager had to grow up even faster in the state Penitentiary. During his incarceration the baby-faced inmate developed an affinity for survival and a knack for writing. In fact, writing lyrics WAS his form of survival. He became the "in-house poet" for his Flatlands jail mates, writing romantic poems and clever verses for their girlfriends. Combining his choirboy talents with his composition skills, he eventually began to master a "sing-song" style of rap and honed his talents as an emcee and songwriter. His inmates were his first focus group and were inspired by his words, especially his song, “Catchin’ Cases”, a universal anthem on the struggles of everyday run-ins with the law.

Once released, he reconnected with childhood friends Roc Dog and Jar Loose and began recording songs and seriously exploring the music game. Just as he began to re-write his story it was as if some vicious curse had returned to haunt him. A few months after laying down his 1st tracks, Roc Dog committed suicide and became another premature ending that would challenge the fate of STONE.

Dead set on pursuing this dream, STONE and Jar Loose teamed up with another neighborhood buddy Alex "Bra" Brown, and together they translated hard learned lessons and life on the corner into business savvy and started what is now a thriving independent record label, Corner Boyz Worldwide LLC.

In slightly over a year's span, Stone has been blessed with a little angel named Raniya, and has in turn graced audiences throughout the Southeast, sharing stages with hip-hop heavy weights Mike Jones, Trick Daddy, Pastor Troy, Outlawz, Young Buck and others. Kicking down the doors opened by regional favorites David Banner and Dough Belly Stray, the confident newcomer is poised to once again rep the crooked letter state, this time with the release of his debut LP Better Way and 2006 projects Corner Boyz Worldwide: The Preview and Better Dayz. STONE has found a way, as Corner Boyz Worldwide flagship artist and co-CEO, to give a voice to youngsters just like him; full of talent, promise, hustle and ambition, corner boys and girls from hoods everywhere needing to turn tragic tales into happy endings.