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"Las vegas prince of soul!"


Not since the days of the old has there been an artist that possesses the skill to produce, write, arrange and record their own material. Neo-soul recording artist Stone has done just that in a time where artists in the music industry have co-writers and co-producers. Not to say that there is anything wrong with that but we must give credit where credit is due and a lot of artists are not really creating the whole album or even writing their own songs. Stone has 20 yrs of being in the music industry developing and honing his skill with the help of a lot of industry heavyweights, only to gain more respect from his industry peers and fans.
The album Zodiac Vol. 1, available in stores worldwide, is a great example of his experience. Stone gives us songs like “Angel” (which by the way is one of my favorites!) He talks about how a person goes through changes bad and good and his song will open your mind with great melodies and chords that are very jazzy. Another is “Heaven” with the vibe similar to a Musiq Soulchild song. The whole album is the kind that you can just put on and let play non-stop.
In Las Vegas there is not enough of the live soul music because everybody wants to be a lounge act (and believe me, I’ve seen my share of these bands) but what I love about Vegas is that you can go just about anywhere and catch a number of rock bands performing original material with nice crowds. This should be an example for all artists to follow: create your fan base by constant performances and give people original music to embrace, as what Stone does.
In a time where everything on the radio sounds alike, more and more people are appreciating artists like Stone. This is why Neo-soul music is growing so fast, it has come from the grass roots and because of that old but forgotten vibe it is catching all over the world again. Stone was the first Neo-soul artist from Las Vegas to release an album worldwide. He also is the first and only from Vegas to ever receive 2003 Neo-soul Artist of the Year from the Los Angeles Music Awards. On top of that, he was also the first artist to perform on the Vegas scene with his band promoting the genre Neo-soul.
Stone will be the leader of the Las Vegas soul movement because he continually gives us that quality we seek in this new age of music and when he hits the stage it electrifies your soul. He is an artist with star charisma and versatility in every element of music. During a quick interview with Stone, who kindly took time out of his busy schedule with me, I asked him what he’s been up to and what he’s got in store for us in the future.

STONE: I’m working on a rock album due to be released next year but I have plans to drop a couple of singles before releasing Zodiac Vol. 2 this year. I also have a reggae album I plan to release.
A.L. ENTERTAINMENT: Wow, glad to hear that Zodiac Vol. 2 is going to be out this year, I can’t wait to hear it! And it sounds like you already have plans for the next few albums already which is unheard of! Tell me though, why so many genres?
STONE: I already kinda mix it all together. I just want people to see that my music is a universal language & musicians should be the same way; why limit yourself when it comes to writing and composing if you can do it then do it, if you can’t then you should figure out how…it only expands your mind and the people that follow your music. You can’t grow when you limit yourself.
A.L. ENTERTAINMENT: How has radio been receiving your album…have you been getting any love from the home base Vegas?
STONE: Is this a trick question or what? Well, truth is I’ve gotten most of my love from radio stations all over the world except for Vegas so anyone reading this interview Yeah it’s true I have no idea what’s up with most of these radio stations, maybe you guys can tell me, well I’ve had some play but for a person that has a album in stores worldwide I should get more home town love but It’s cool 1 or 2 station do not make or break a artist career remember that artist, but it would not hurt lol. INTERVIEW: who would you compare yourself to who influenced you over the years! STONE: my influences have been everything that has ever been written or sung by every artist. I’ve been influenced by music history itself! INTERVIEW: how is Europe compared to the U.S.. & what is there response to your album? STONE: I get a lot of people sending me emails from Europe they really appreciate music there, they are more forgiving than Americans. Most Europeans know the history of music well. I find that Japanese & euros know a lot about American music history you would be surprised if you where to visit Japan They are into the American culture the afro’s hip hop clothing low riders It’s crazy but they know there American music history INTERVIEW: who have you worked with in the music industry? STONE: wow I have had the opportunity to work with people, like JERRY MARCILLINO who has produced platinum hits for Diana ross the Jackson 5 franki valle etc.PETER RAEFELSON producer for Madonna, stevie nicks.GRAMMY AWARD WINNING AMIR BAYYAN,PRODUCER OF KOOL & HE GANG.E-40,KARUPT, STEVIE B & JAZZ FROM THE TRIPLE PLATINIUM R&B GROUP DRUHILL. INTERVIEW: wow that’s pretty impressive what a great list of people,tells me a little more about you as a musician to be in the company of these people they must feel you as a artist & producer stone STONE: It’s always a humbling experience to be in the presence of the O.G.’S that have paved the way in the Industry we call music! INTERVIEW: I noticed couldn’t help reading the credits on your album zodiac vol 1 so did you actually write produce record arrange & perform all of this I’m only asking because a lot of people will have a hard time believing this. STONE: unfortunately I did it was not easy you know writing music is an art so you have to be in the right mood to create but yes I did produced wrote & arranged recorded Man,I’m getting tired just telling you this lol INTERVIEW: well its been a pleasure spending this time with the Prince of SOUL, stone the man the music! thank you for allowing me a peek into your life but before I go is there anything you would like to say to upcoming inspired artist. STONE: well I could right a book, about the things I want to say, That’s something we did not talk about & that’s the fact that I have a book coming out lol. Ok to all the inspired artist to be all I can say is hold on to ya pants the ride is bumpy & don’t let anyone tell you your dreaming just always make it reality by working towards your goals, don’t stop & whatever you do don’t give up when it gets tough that’s the time you suppose to push harder. Also work on your producing &writing skills those are the things that are going to keep people paying attention to you & please if you plan to stay in this business learn everything you can about the in’s & out’s or you will not last! INTERVIEW: Once again stone I thank you for the interview allowing me into your world I’m looking forward to zodiac vol 2 can you tell me when we can expect that? STONE: hmm I have know Idea when I’m going to release this album I just want to get as many singles off of this album that’s out there now!! INTERVIEW: Thanks stone!to get more info on tour dates & album releases logg on to also if your looking for stone’s album go to your local F.Y.E and pick up a copy or logg onto & put in the title zodiac vol 1

- ASHly latin intertainment


Music Lovers,
are you ready for a new chapter in Music…

Well, it has been written and the author’s name is STONE. 2003 Los Angeles Music Award Recipient of Neo-Soul Artist of the Year!! 2004 Nominee & Winner of the Las Vegas Music Awards Entertainer of the Year!! 2005 las vegas music awards recording artist of the year!! 2007 Hollywood fame awards soul r&b album of the year! STONE has one of the most unique voices ever heard. This young talented brother blends heavy tenor tones with angelic soprano riffs that rival artists from the days of old. His 5 ½ octave vocal range stems from natural bass tones reminiscent of the late great Temptations vocalist Melvin Franklin. STONE hits highs not heard since Earth, Wind and Fire’s Philip Bailey. This soulful singer, is an inspiration for all “real” musicians and has been compared to everyone from Stokley Williams of Mint Condition to Al Jarreau. With his complete vocal control, STONE rules the stage. Look out world; this is just a taste of what is to come. STONE’s sound is a product of his eclectic background, ranging from rock -n- roll, soul, funk, hip-hop and rhythm & blues to jazz.

STONE wants you to feel what he's feeling. Whether you feel pleasure from the soulful vibes of his debut album “Zodiac” or are excited by his raw sexuality, STONE wants you to take a stroll through his life and experience a few beats from his heart. “My music is a part of my life,” the Chi-Town native says. “Each song is a page out of my day”. That is why his debut album “Zodiac” is naturally the right name for this project. The Zodiac is profound, and derives from soul and describes a natural division of all and everything that makes up experiences and emotions that are used in everyday life.

Flexing his well-toned musical muscles, stirring up the ladies with his unique, hypnotic voice and lyrical styling, STONE is loved by audiences everywhere. STONE combines the thoughtfulness of Marvin Gaye, the coolness of Curtis Mayfield and the urgency of Prince. This talented singer, musician, record producer, and songwriter burst onto the scene in 1995 with his solo debut single “ I’m Sorry ”, released on the Urban Network Tune Towne XI, Compilation CD. It was distributed nationally. The fans and the music world eagerly waited what the gifted artist/ musician would come up with next. The pressure to finish the solo album was compounded by fans awaiting the upcoming album release. It was important for me to hold on to what I believed in and to what I was thinking about. I was just trying to make some good music, some good songs.” And it has been said many times before “you can not rush the creative process”. STONE's debut, album “Zodiac” was recorded in part using live instruments at his premiere recording facility located in Las Vegas, NV. It is a delicious blend of blues, soul, jazz, hip-hop and funk that forms what is now currently referred to as “neo-soul”. STONE says it is just “good music”. He is now concentrating on bringing his “good music” and musical style to the forefront, paving the way for artist and musicians worldwide. With the versatile tunes on the album, the singer / songwriter expressively captures his own sound. With the help of complex melodic arrangements and catchy rhythmic hooks, music industry professionals now refer to STONE as the “hook master”. His collaborations with other musicians / producers always end up first class projects. STONE writes, arranges, composes, produces and sings all of his own material.



This is stone's band: Nu soul: This band is made up of the who's who: lead vocallist: Stone vocals & keys Bass: Lonnie motley a member of the P-funk allstar's toured with shaka kan george clinton, Keyboards:Mike jenkins the muscial director for Ike turner and the lead singer and producer of the Adc band DRUMS: Lanis huges a member of the rick james stone city band was with rick since 1977 until he passed! this alone set the band apart from all other bands out there! The band that backs stone are living legends!! for more info on booking: contact: Ashley latin ENT 702)557-5575