Stone Angels

Stone Angels


unique blend of modern and ancient symbolism in relation to a new era of shoe gazing pop, enlightened in an introspective context to bring the downward spiral to our inherent life state of unrestricted happiness. We give ourselves permission to express our individuality through our poetry music


How does one define poetry and music in motion.
We are not lilmited to any one genre or any one state of emotion... the music plays us, as in turn, we play the muse.
Our songs are an expression of our unity and recognition of our own unique individuality.
We are pretty eclectic... from Mozart to Godzilla, from celtic pop to the avante guard.
Our overall sound is one of a
Lynchesque, Nancy / Lee Hazelwood, Phil Spectre-ish collaboration.
What sets us apart from other bands...?
Our maturity, life experience and our ability to express ourselves honestly.
We are not followers of fashion.
Our story is is forever unfolding... smash your guitars, play tamborines and dont forget to hug a friend...
It is a musical and romantic journey that has lasted through many centuries and many lives.
She came, she saw and she conquered me, as I in my conquered her...
Winifred graces the stage, a dark angel, her perfect hourglass figure encased in gleaming, skintight latex rubber catsuits...oozing sensuality.
Her counterpart Steve, struts his stuff, long limbed, cascading rainbow hair, clad in leather, exuding power and smokey sexuality.
Stone Angels would be as comfortable at the Grande Opre as in a sleazey, fetish, underworld New York night club.


This is new band.
We have recorded an E.P.
City Of Angels (unreleased)
We also have an album in process...

Set List

Average set goes 45 mins to 1hr 15mins.
We do all original compositions.

Set list includes:

Languaga Of Love
Shut Your Mouth
Whore At Your Feet
Trust Me
Heat Of The Night
You're Too Young
City Of Angels
Strange, Strange
Wanna Be Free
Why Wait So Long
Scented Love
Bareback Riding
Love So Much
Ooh Baby
City song
Here In My Heart