Semi original and organic. Meaning, we take our time when writing songs and let them be what they will, without rushing it. Sounds like Train, Ben Harper, The Black Crows, and Clutch had a baby.....we've been told .


This band came together through a love of music and life long friendships. This dysfunctional family then had a baby with dirty country blues-rock in an acoustic coffee shop in Amsterdam, and named it Stonebruise.
This original music comes from the hearts and souls of every band member. Each person brings their personal perspective and a feel of their own to every song.
The band mates have not only been friends throughout their lives but have a common brotherhood among them that shines through their music in a way that creates a harmony unique unto themselves.


Focus, My Prana, Kilter.

Set List

Earl Grey
For You
Wheel of 84
My Prana
Mr. Pepperfield
Sick For You
Let It Go
Til the Sun Turns Black
Mr. Politician

We have roughly 35 original songs, 25 of them are rehearsed and ready to go live. We can do 2 sets of 45 minutes to an hour each or one really long show...or any configuration you need. Our material translates to acoustic performances really well also.