Stone Cats

Stone Cats


"Has 'hooky' songs that have people coming back for more. Very memorable material, keep up the great work." Mollie Moore, RCA Records ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I consider Stone Cats to be among the Top 5 bands in St Louis." Turk, Sound Engineer at Sharky's / Collinsville, Illinois


Stone Cats received a 6 Star Review (out of a total
possible 7 Stars) for their single, "Happy" in the
Nashville Music Guide CD Review Section
"Stone Cats is an example of the band with focus.
Working as an independent act, they have the
look, sound, and musical direction that is
putting them in the playing field to go big.
Arrangements are uncluttered and give
that 'feel good' vibe." Barye Cassell,
Nashville Music Guide.
Stone Cats was chosen as the Artist of the Month
2 months straight by the Nashville Music Guide.
"Very confident stage presence, singer has good
range and good moves... good songs too."
Jeremy Witt, Warner Brother Records
"Very good range and very solid music."
Eric Speck, Island Def Jam Records
Gotham Records (England) is promoting the
single, "Happy," worldwide to applicable
licensing & publishing organizations.



Written By: Mark Johnson

I woke up this morning,
Crawled right outta my head,
Something took your memories,
And the words you said,
And I feel like I'm finally doing alright,
Like the skin that I'm in is full of life,
And now I know I can finally breath on my own,
I can stand up for my own,
I can reach the stars I know who you are,
And I know what makes me happy.
Took a walk down Bourbon Street,
Saw a man lying there,
Took a drag off my cigarette,
And gave it to him,


Albums: Brand New Day, Stone Cats
Singles: Happy
Airplay: WVRV 101.1FM The River, KCFV 89.5FM

Set List

Originals 25% / Covers 75%
Stone Cats can play a 4 Hour Cover Show or a 2 Hour All Original Show or a combination of both.
Classic to Modern Rock.
My Rock-n-Roll
Wicked Highway
What Would You Say
Take Me To The Water
Higher Place
Kick Ass Day
I Need Someone
All I Want
You Oughta Know
White Rabbit
Another One Bites The Dust
Walk This Way
Somebody To Love
The Immigrant Song
Crazy Bitch
Higher Ground
I Love Rock-n-Roll
Sweet Child Of Mine
Sweet Home Alabama
Love Me Two Times
Looks That Kill
Edge Of Seventeen
Man In The Box
The Cult Of Personality
I’m The Only One
Roadhouse Blues
In The Mood
What Is & What Should Never Be
Rock-n-Roll All Night
Hit Me With Your Best Shot