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The band STONE is a band from the Algarve formed in January 2003, that has as its unique aim to cheer up the nights from north to south of the country, and in other countries also, with songs from all times. In order to do that it chose an extremely vast repertoire that counts with the classics of rock and the today’s singles hits.With only one year and a half of existence, the band counted already in its curriculum with more than 200 (two hundred) shows and after 7 years rocking the band have already more then 1000 gigs done.
The band influences are all the great rock n´roll bands, such as Led Zeppelin, GNR, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, The Doors, etc

Set List

We normally have gigs of 2H30m, We dont have a set list done, that depends on the kind of audiance we have to face, but we have more then 140 songs in our repertoire, from A to Z...from AC/DC to ZZ Top...all the gr8 bands are represented!