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"Zero Tolerance Magazine Review (UK)"

The excellently named Stonecreep have delivered a demo that puts a lot of bands to shame, having a pleasingly original sound and strong songwriting combining classic influences with the contemporary . They even have the balls to cover Rainbow's classic "Man on the Silver Mountain", giving it both their own spin and doing it full justice. A band that deserves to be heard more of. SE - Zero Tolerance Magazine

"BW&BK Review (Canada)"

In 2006, Stonecreep landed on BW&BK's Top 10 Demos list with their sophomore release, Tonight We Ride. Now the band is back with CD number three, We Bleed Disaster - and it kicks ass! Got the Zakk Wylde squeals going on in "To the Heavens" and fantabulous cover of Rainbow's "Man on the Silver Mountain" - if this doesn't make you throw the horns, nothing will. Old school thrash is lovingly brought forth with wicked guitar harmonies on the title track while "Luminaire" is a straightforward headbanger. Steve Holt of 36 Crazyfists proves he's a top-notch producer as this is label ready - no adjustments necessary. Who knew that four songs would equal a ton of fun! - BW&BK Magazine

"Metal Hammer Review (UK)"

Joining a tiny roster of Oregon-based bands that are actually worth caring about, Stonecreep are starting to make some significant headway across the pond. Though the music can be quite complex, Stonecreep's ethos is a simple one: keeping you on your toes one minute, before breaking your neck the next. Groove-laden thrash metal is their forte and although they don't meet the more furious pace of their peers, there's enough vertebrae-snapping dynamism on display on songs such as Live To Die Again and the mini-epic Kiss of the Northern Sky to keep the adrenaline levels brimming. More infectious than a randy goat with the clap, expect them to battle their way onto these shores very soon. - Metal Hammer Magazine

"Metal Maniacs Review (US)"

The beerhounds stumble their way back into the column with their booze-torch thrash for another round, and bang it out better then before with a manly style that ought to roll well with thrashers and rockers alike. A totally pro-recorded quad-song shitkicker with as much Accept and Metallica persuasion at play as there is Black Label Society and Motorhead, if collected and melted down into one metal silver bullet. Cock-rockin' 'banger-fuel that's ready for the bar, the car or the air guitar anytime, although I still don't really dig the name. Sounds more like a stoner-doom band. Oh well. - Metal Maniacs Magazine


The Deathmarch Crushes On (2009), We Bleed Disaster (2007), Tonight We Ride (2005), and Keep the Hammer Down (2003). Catch our cover of Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow) on Viva La Luna (KUFO 101.5fm).



"...the countdown has begun for this band to launch out of obscurity and into the hearts of metalheads everywhere." This is what Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles had to say about Stonecreep's sophomore effort Tonight We Ride. The album landed in the Canadian metal magazine's Top 10 list of unsigned demo releases for 2006. The rest of the worldwide metal press seems to agree; Stonecreep is a band on a mission. A mission to put to bed the posers and pretenders and bring about a return to true heavy metal the way it should be.
Their latest release, We Bleed Disaster, offers nothing less. A loud, brash, fast and furious orgy of rock n' roll fueled thrash metal paying homage to the greats of the past while simultaneously blazing a path for the future of heavy rock.
Formed in late 2001, the band have spent the last few years establishing itself by consistently playing live and honing their craft, as is evident by listening to Keep the Hammer Down (2003), Tonight We Ride (2005) and We Bleed Disaster (2007) in succession. Now after five years, Stonecreep seem poised to move beyond their home base of Portland, OR and the confines of the Pacific Northwest to take on the rest of the world.
Since 2003 Stonecreep have opened for Exodus, Entombed, 3 Inches of Blood, Watch Them Die and 36 Crazyfists among many other heavy-hitters in metal. 2007 will see the band taking their show on the road with two spring/summer U.S. tours. With three releases under their collective belt, countless shows played, critical acclaim and an ever-growing worldwide fanbase, the future indeed looks bright for this energetic Oregon four-piece.