Classic Heavy Metal meets Thrash with a good measure of Hard Rock! Beer fueled heavy metal for people who like it loud, heavy and live! Stonecreep takes pride in delivering a high energy show that recalls the arena greats of the past!


"...the countdown has begun for this band to launch out of obscurity and into the hearts of metalheads everywhere." This is what Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles had to say about Stonecreep's sophomore effort Tonight We Ride. The album landed in the Canadian metal magazine's Top 10 list of unsigned demo releases for 2006. The rest of the worldwide metal press seems to agree; Stonecreep is a band on a mission. A mission to put to bed the posers and pretenders and bring about a return to true heavy metal the way it should be.
Their latest release, We Bleed Disaster, offers nothing less. A loud, brash, fast and furious orgy of rock n' roll fueled thrash metal paying homage to the greats of the past while simultaneously blazing a path for the future of heavy rock.
Formed in late 2001, the band have spent the last few years establishing itself by consistently playing live and honing their craft, as is evident by listening to Keep the Hammer Down (2003), Tonight We Ride (2005) and We Bleed Disaster (2007) in succession. Now after five years, Stonecreep seem poised to move beyond their home base of Portland, OR and the confines of the Pacific Northwest to take on the rest of the world.
Since 2003 Stonecreep have opened for Exodus, Entombed, 3 Inches of Blood, Watch Them Die and 36 Crazyfists among many other heavy-hitters in metal. 2007 will see the band taking their show on the road with two spring/summer U.S. tours. With three releases under their collective belt, countless shows played, critical acclaim and an ever-growing worldwide fanbase, the future indeed looks bright for this energetic Oregon four-piece.


The Deathmarch Crushes On (2009), We Bleed Disaster (2007), Tonight We Ride (2005), and Keep the Hammer Down (2003). Catch our cover of Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow) on Viva La Luna (KUFO 101.5fm).

Set List

We like to perform a range of songs from our catalog; Disembodied Voices, Live to Die Again, To the Heavens, Kiss of the Northern Sky, Insurrection, Luminare, Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover), We Bleed Disaster, Tonight We Ride, The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover), Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row). Our set runs between 35 to 50 minutes depending on what the time allotment is.