The band Stonecrossing and its music is the result of six different people from all walks of life coming together, simply by fate, and deciding to pay tribute to their music roots by creating easily digestible, pop music that combines elements of reggae, jazz, rock, blues and R&B.


StoneCrossing was the result of fate. It wasn’t something that was planned or pre-conceived. It was the result of serendipity. It was the result of the band’s front man, Robby Lee, a.k.a. Crow, landing himself in fortunate situations, as he typically does, that lead to the next career stepping stone. Crow was fresh out of the military, and dealing with the heartbreaking demise of his huge European success, ZULU FAT, when he befriended the critically acclaimed Russian band, Bering Strait. Upon becoming roommates with a couple of Bering Strait’s band members; nightly songwriting sessions soon became a regular occasion.

It wasn’t long before publishing demos were in the works and ideas for a side project were being tossed around. After enlisting guitarist Shane Keenan (BOOGIE) and singer Marie Hickey (Gypsie) to complete the publishing demos, it was upon the advice of Nashville record producer, Jim McKell, that the project be carried further than publishing demos. Well, the rest is history.

After finding dedicated replacements for the original rhythm section (Bering Strait), the band has now established its’ self in Nashville, TN, and is currently paying it’s dues, as it should, in the underground scene. StoneCrossing is currently dedicating their efforts to writing contemporary music that caters to a wide variety of genres and is seeking management and booking so that they might take their vision to a wider audience.

Stonecrossing is different from many other underground bands. They have the capacity to entertain while avoiding the stigma of following a specific format. They combine the influences of Sting, the Wooten Brothers, Jeff Beck, Dire straits and Tracy Chapman into a sonic tapestry that one fan described as “the Greatful Dead meets No Doubt”. They have pop appeal combined with the rawness of a late night roadhouse blues jam.

When it’s all said and done, Stonecrossing is a fun band. They offer something for everyone.


self titled debut "Stonecrossing", 2004

Set List

Water Beneath The Bridge
Back in the Days
Country Brothers
Show Me The Way
Young and Free
1000 Times
Sidewalk Sunday
Party Song
Conversation With Jesus
Remeber Me

Remedy - Black Crows
Give Me one reason- Tracy Chapman
The Things we Do for Love- Earth Wind and Fire
Honkey Tonk Woman- Rolling Stones
Crash- Dave Matthews Band
Free Falling- Tom Petty
We We Meant to Live- Switchfoot
Aint To Proud to Beg- Temptations
I Alone- Live
Lightning Crashes- Live
Stop Dragging My Heart Around- Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty
I Don't Want To Be- Gavin Degraw
Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order
Interstate Love Song- Stone Temple Pilots
Fly Away- Lenny Cravitz
Drop the Bomb- Gap Band
Keep Forgettin'- Michael McDonald
Cocain- Eric Clapton
Wonderful Tonight- Eric Clapton
Brick House- Commadores
Super Freak- Rick James
Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day
Let's Get it On- Marvin Gaye