Stone Crusher

Stone Crusher


Stone Crusher is an original music group whose songs are defined by thunderous percussion, and melodic bass lines. This is complimented by crushing guitar riffs, and melodic metal vocals that cover the spectrum to create their unique sound. With their energetic stage presence they truly ROCK!


Stone Crusher has been on the local music circuit for about two years now, but their roots go back to the early nineties when the group performed as an original / cover band under the name Risk.

Each member eventually went their own way looking to experience different things. During this process they honed their skills in various styles of music and levels of performance.

Now, they are back together again, and better than ever!

The band now focuses mainly on their original music, but will still cover a song here and there depending on the situation.

Chris Dow's diverse vocal range combined with the bands musical versatility leave the door wide open for adding cover material to their repertoire.

Stone Crusher has many influences which you can hear in their musical style. Some of those influences include the great hard rock / metal bands of the 70's and 80's such as RUSH, BLACK SABBATH, and LED ZEPPELIN.

Listening to Stone Crusher is like hopping a freight train, and then being afraid to jump off because you might miss something really exciting if you do!

The members of the band all hail from the state of Massachusetts, and have been good friends for many years. Always striving for perfection in their musical journey, and consistently moving forward with their songwriting and stage show.

The band released their new four song demo "FOUR STONES" in early March of 2007, and are currently looking for a record deal as well a chance to expand their musical background and venues in an effort to reach new audiences.


Stone Crusher's latest EP features tracks that really show off the talents of the group.

Entitled "Four Stones", the CD includes the following songs:

Bury Me With My Sword
The Kraken
The Tower

All of the songs are accesible through the bands MySpace profile at www.myspace/stonecrusher music, and are also featured on an internet radio station.

Set List

Stone Crusher's current repertoire consists of 45 songs which are split into three one hour sets.

Typically, depending on the length of the performance the song's are chosen to best fit the
situation where the band will be playing.

Of their 45 song repertoire, 32 of them are originals...That's enough material for two complete albums!

To keep things interesting the set list is always changing as new songs are rotated in, and usually the band will mix in a few covers during their sets.

Some of the artists whose songs that Stone Crusher currently cover are:

Dream Theatre
Ozzy Osbourne
Ronnie James Dio
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin
Iron Maiden