Stoned Developments

Stoned Developments


Fast tight exciting sounds that immediately grab peoples attention, coupled with an comedic and animated performance. Audience interaction is manditory. A living and thoroughly energetic experience!!


Niall Started the Stoned developments project in 2005 making soundtracks for independent films. The music grew and the music was performed at gigs. In spring 2007 Darragh and Decky came on board to help boost the live performance. Mike joind in hristmas of 2007 completing the line up. Of course with the new line up the sound changed and has grown into the Stoned Developments of 2008.

The sound is very far apart from other groups with a strong electronic presence over powerful rock beats. However the live aspect is where the group really shines with an extremely charasmatic high energy performance that is totally natural to them. Audience interaction, Magic, Comedy all feature in an original and unforgetable live experience.

Influences: Monthy Python, Queens of the stone age, space balls, The clash, The pixies, Sasha and digweed, Tommy Cooper.. Its all there


previously unreleased however available to stream.

casual murder
the opening chapter
heroin rock
no dreams
molloys quest

Set List

We play original music with the set running at about 45 minutes.

The Opening chapter, Heroin rock, no dreams, junkbot, happy slappy, Home to you, Minimum wage rage, inside, trash co, who put dave in the microwave, casual murder.