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"Stone Devil Hill at the Chance, NY : April 7th Show"

First off, Stone Devil Hill was the headliner. The support bands were very good, especially a band before them Called Hyngd, very good. Now On with Stone Devill Hill.

For those who might not know, this is the band that Steve (transbluez) is a lead guitarist of. The CD was just released, and info on that is on the forum already. Search and you will find info on it.

I went with my two closest friends, Christian and Dina, and if that wasnt great enough, got to hang with Steve and his incredibly beautiful and sweet wife Karin before the show over pizza at their home. (Mine had "flavor enhancers!")

When they took the stage, out of all my years knowing some of the top guys out in the wild, they are, without a doubt, and in all honesty, even if I didnt know them, would have rated them the tightest, most talented, great song crafted new band among them. It was that good. No BS on my part. If it wasnt, I would have said so. Awesome in all areas, not one weak spot, Im fkn serious. Trust me, go see them yourself, and you will say the same. Ill give you 100 bucks at the show if I am wrong.

Steve and the band, have not only the tightest and powerful drummer and locked bassist for a rhythym section, the guitarists and singer all actually play equal parts in melody and solos, yes, SOLOS! The vocals were that good. The guitar work, all disipline, dont have to comment, not one bad thing to mention. Incredible, and nothing overdone, yeah, rare nowadays. Everything was written and played where it belonged, making it even show more! Faithfull to the CD, but better live. Like the big boys. I was blown away, and very jealose, envious actually. The activity and stage presence were what is usually reserved for Priest, Panzer, Early Van Halen, they did it, no problem. Couldnt help but watch them all, while listening, stuff going on all the time, while the frontman, well, was a frontman, and mastered the ceremony. And the most important, the songs. Crafted with care, everything in place, intricate work, parts, execution, give and take between them, and will grab you, hold you, and you will know the song before the bridge, and be able to go with them. Thats a good fkn band. They are Pro all the way! Not one shoddy second like usually whats out there. Should have not one problem with a signing, as long as they try to get one, at all.

So to Steve, tell the other guys too, stay tight together, this should go all the way, whatever transpires, keep this one together, chemistry galore, I want too see another show, soon!

Unreal. Others, if you have the chance, and if they play by you, this is no amature BS, Pros. So good, youll leave like I did, wondering why my jaw was on the ground.

Stone Devil Hill, saw the show, got a shirt, left rejuvinated and inspired for my own tour starting in May, that the music and genre I love is alive and well, as the packed club to see them at the Chance was screaming for. Had a problem getting my asual JD and coke (the soda!) it was wall to wall people to see them, like the old days. Well, with Stone Devil Hill, the NEW days!

J.A. - JA Allen

"Concert Review: Stone Devil Hill - CD Release Party (April 7, 2007)"

This past Saturday, The Chance Theater played host to a coming out of sorts. It was the CD release party for Stone Devil Hill. The band has been seeking to make an impact on the local scene for a little while now, and now that they have CD in hand, they are prepared to make their move. So be on the lookout for this latest entry to the scene, you aren't likely to be disappointed.

I arrived at The Chance around 10:30. Hyngd was just finishing up their set, and after hearing what I heard, I am sorry that I missed the rest of it as they sounded really good. This is another local act that has been improving by leaps and bounds, definitely keep an eye on them. Anyway, the curtain was lowered and the stage was redressed for the inaugural Stone Devil Hill headlining event. The band plays a brand of straight up hard rock that is hardly groundbreaking, but they back it up with a good sound and a lot of energy. This is a band that is one to watch, the sound is accessible and stands on its own, the sky is the limit.

Stone Devil Hill took the stage at 11:00pm and proceeded to play their entire debut release ..for the fallen, with a surprise or two. I had listened to them in an earlier incarnation, called 8 x 10, that lineup delivered a rock sound that was very much in the same vein as latter day Metallica, they were good, the music was solid, but it was hardly the sound that was going to take them anywhere. This revamped lineup finds them with a new singer, formerly of the band Pillowface, and a new guitar player, a veteran of more death metal stylings. Their influences combined with the remaining members has forged ahead, stepping away from the Metallica sounds and into more original territory.

The mix was strong, and all five members were playing as tight as they could, impressive considering that four of them have been battling the flu. Lead singer, Donovan Cavallaro, was sounding great, he was in constant motion, roaming the stage and inciting the crowd to get pumped. Guitarist/vocalist EJ Krebs has definitely grown as a player, now focusing more on his guitar than when he was also lead vocalist for 8 x 10, tearing off some nice solos while also harmonizing well with Donovan. Newcomer Steve Hanson, also on guitar, showed off his skills with soloing, as well as his influence with some of the thrashier elements of their growing sound. Steve Williams lays down the bass groove, also showing growth since the 8 x 10 days, playing some more complex lines and being a more present force. Dan Melious backs them with his maniacal pounding, an emotional and furious drum basher he delivers the backbeat energy that forms the backbone of the band.

During their 70 minute set they put it all out there. They new they had to make an impression. The crowd was primed and ready for the emergence of a new force on the local scene. Again, the music is not groundbreaking, but they play it so well, and while you can hear their influences, it is more than mere homage. Stone Devil Hill plays hard rock by their rules, they are groove based, and the music is definitely catchy, the live setting puts that on display with their high energy. Something to remember, though, is that they are more than loud rock, they have a softer, emotional side that they are not afraid to put on display. They will slow the tempo down with cuts like "20 Years," penned by Dan Melious in tribute to his father, and "This Lie," which adds keyboards to their sound.

The show was definitely eye opening. It has been some time since I have seen them grace the stage, and I had forgotten just how tight they were. This show establishes them immediately as a band on the rise. They even brought a few surprises with them, including a a yet to be completed new track which has a great evil sounding guitar part. For the song "This Lie" they brought up Jim Norton, bass player for Audible Thought, to join them on keyboard (besides being a great bass player, he is equally adept on the keys). Immediately following that, Jim stayed on and they brought up Shane, lead singer for Hyngd, to assist in their cover of a cover, Black Sabbath's "Children of the Grave" which borrowed heavily from the White Zombie version from Nativity in Black. Both of these sounded great, and the cover is a nice surprise to throw into the mix of original tunes.

The show opened and closed with straight up rockers. "Down with the Captain" introduced them to their new fans in impressive fashion. The closing cut was "AFOC" a thrash inflected rocker which is destined to be a crowd pleaser. Basically, the show brought a smile to me face and my fist to the air.

Stone Devil Hill has arrived. - Chris B -Draven99's Musings -


...for the fallen (2007)



It has been said that Stone Devil Hill is “a band on the rise”. Their performances have been hailed as “awesome in all areas.” Yet as five individual talents hailing from different influences, histories, and ideas, SDH members never fathomed a band which would become greater than any of them thought possible. Conceived in 2005 from the remains of former bands, the members of Stone Devil Hill remain five determined musicians seeking to push themselves and their band as far as it can go. The consensus of the group is that their previous endeavors may have been good, but this is the one that could make it.

With influences stemming from Motown to Death Metal; from Rock to Blues and Country, the newly forged band immediately went hard to work; honing their sound, writing new material and learning how each member fit into this new unit. The summer of 2006 yielded the answer with Stone Devil Hill’s first studio release “…for the fallen”. A collaborative effort, the time spent preparing and recording this album solidified the band members as a cohesive unit and revitalized their sense of direction, focus, and purpose. The eight songs selected for the album reveal that though Stone Devil Hill is a metal band, they are not to be labeled as a particular style of metal. Bold riffs combine with melody and harmony. Aggressive rhythms are offset by flowing vocals. Stone Devil Hill’s lyrics explore despair, strength, loss, anger, and rebirth. A blending of influences among the band members has wrought a blending of unique, straight up metal that has been long absent from the music scene. The songs are moving and real. Nothing seems unoriginal or watered down and nothing is left out, misplaced, or undone.

“…for the fallen” was introduced to eager friends and fans at the band’s April 2007 CD Release Party. The show’s success proved the band as a force to be reckoned with. Stone Devil Hill is here to make an impression and the energy that is put out there at every show reveals just that. As the band continues to share their music and grow their fan base they hope simply to live a shared, driven goal to be the best musical act they can be; to “shine like there’s no tomorrow” and “breathe like you’ll never breathe again”.