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The best kept secret in music


"Introductory Article for the Satellite BoB"

Stoneface Norman brings a unique, funk/groove style of rock to the mix. Band members include seniors Nic Johnson and Joe Kane from Metro Christian Academy and Isaac Norman and Mark Pride from Jenks High School.

After playing in last year's battle, Stoneface Norman has progressed from its original straight-up rock vibe to a funkier, jazzier jam. Though the band's sound may have developed, its music still carries a message any listener can bring home.

These guys are all for a good time and putting on a great show. Now who's not up for that?
- Tulsa World Satellite Edition

""Please Pirate Me" Reviewed"

It’s noticeable throughout this CD that Stone Face Norman (SFN) is clearly making quality music not only that they will enjoy, but everyone else too. There is a fun approach taken to this album that can be felt in every song. It's not about going big with their music, not about pleasing every fan, and not about making music the band themselves won't like. They even say on the cover of the CD "please pirate me", and "feel free to make as many as you want". Clearly, "Quality, not Quantity" is a phrase much proven by album.

Standing only 4 songs strong, the album is jaw dropping. The replay value of the album is stunning, as such a small package contains a lot more then meets the eye. The genre of [u]Please Pirate Me[/u] is literally all over the map; from old whiskey rock, to post hardcore instrumentals and screams, to blues and jazz- and all with witty, intelligent lyrics. Lynyrd Skynyrd meets electric rock with the first song "Georgia", who's got a down-home country feel with lightning fast guitar cuts. The lead singer, who boasts a great voice, shares smart lyrics with back-ups and echoes from the other band members. It's shocking how Stone Face Norman can make two different forms of rock fit together so compatibly. Shocking doesn't even help to describe the feelings when the songs “So Stained” and “Train Song” play. These two show the band’s more rocking side with loud, thundering instrumentals, low screams, great rock solos, and great sung vocals. "Scarlett" will rock your socks off as the band shows even more talent playing a funky, blues type song with an alternative feel.

Not only does Stone Face Norman make some gutsy calls in their diversity, but they pull it off smoothly. Every track is quality and done with a kick that will surprise and please every fan of genres jazz through hard rock. Or if you enjoy Foo Fighters, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or solid rock in general check out Stone Face Norman’s Please Pirate Me. Make sure to keep an eye on them as I'm sure their next works will be just as good- if not better. I see these guys going very big very soon.

-Tony Kennedy



The Please Pirate Me EP- 2004, independent release
SFN EP- 2005, independent release.

airplay on z-104.5 the edge "homegrown" with Corbin Pierce. also on 98.1 RSU station, "Charlie Seven Show"

Songs can be heard on and


Feeling a bit camera shy


Our most recent album EP, "SFN" cracks me up. I had no clue what the cover looked like for it. I became concerned when i found out that all the guys in the band knew what the cover was except for me. I just knew it involved something embarassing. It wasn't until 5 minutes before it hit the merch table that i saw it in all it's glory: A picture of myself in the second grade. It was me with mom-parted hair and enormous glasses that looked like telescopes. I couldn't do anything but laugh. How they got that picture i have no idea. I couldnt' do anything but laugh. Our fans came up and knowing I was the lead singer asked me after buying the EP, "who is that on the cover?"
"Just some random kid" I replied sheepishly.
that is the way the band works. It's a ton of fun and we love every minute of it. When we aren't playing on stage doing what we love we are doing what we love second best; hanging out with each other. We love our jobs, i couldn't ask for a better one.