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Madison, WI's StoneFloat is proud to stake its claim as originators in the emerging new now that is Improvidelic Rock and Roll. Imagine a band that is flexible enough to move from spoken word into cowboy strumming into funky reggae rhythms into a full-on blues rock ensemble and around again.


Simply put, nobody else is doing what Madison, Wisconsin's StoneFloat does. The originators of Improvidelic Rock and Roll, StoneFloat is the only band who dares to mix emotional, intelligent and musical spoken word flowpoetry with well-crafted rock-and-roll songs. As such, StoneFloat has placed themselves at the forefront of the new movement toward a lyrically significant rock, reggae, and blues form that combines intense jams, spoken word, and tight, well-written songs. Currently one of Madison's fastest growing and most well-respected bands, StoneFloat has been embraced by the city's music lovers of all ages and, even more impressively, warmly welcomed into the jam, jazz, spoken word and rock-and-roll band communities in the city.

Madison, Wisconsin's StoneFloat is the inevitable result of the growing musical and artistic revolution in a city which now holds pride of place as recipient of the largest single private individual donation to the arts in the history of America. This money has created a dynamic performing arts and music scene at the highest levels of professionalism and a community of musicians incredibly hungry and motivated to share in the festivities. StoneFloat is not waiting for that money to trickle down however, but are boldly striding forward and forging their place in the arts community of Madison through talent, persistence, and hard-work. When you add an extremely well educated and politically active populace to the mix (witness the 80,000 people who showed up on the steps of the Capitol for a political rally in Fall 2004), new and unique forms of expression are bound to explode forth. StoneFloat is at the musical and spoken word center of this dynamic synergy.

StoneFloat's successes have not happened over-night but through much time and effort. All of the members have at one time hosted open-mics (combined the band members have more than three years of weekly open-mic performance and hosting experience in Madison) and have paid their dues in the Madison community through providing the space for countless other musicians and artists to hone their craft. This has resulted in StoneFloat viewing themselves as a collective of artists who are incredibly comfortable on stage and able to perform solo and in countless variations as a band. It has also given the members of the band a profound respect for all of those who choose to share their voice and place themselves on the line through creative performance. StoneFloat is inclusive in their outlook, has performed numerous times in support of arts incubation in Madison, at political rallies to get out the vote, and at benefits for campaigns focused on social issues. StoneFloat often involves and collaborates with other bands and the local poetry and arts communities at their shows.

StoneFloat's improvidelic mixture of rock and roll, blues, and reggae, all held together by spoken word flowpoetry, has set a new standard by which other bands in the Midwest are beginning to be judged. Wholly original, at times as tight and bracing as a frozen mainsail on a clipper ship skirting the Cape Horn, at times as loose and comfortable as a paddle boat on the Mississippi in July, StoneFloat now stands poised to begin to take their show out into the eddies and swirls of the national music scene and beyond.

In 2004 (StoneFloat's first collective appearance was New Year's Eve at the now legendary and aptly named Liquid Lyrics Lounge) the band exploded onto the Madison scene, having now logged over 70 shows in Madison and beyond in 16 short months. This meteoric rise has included packed shows at The Portal Music Cafe (one of the most musically diverse rooms in the city), Mr. Robert's (Madison's jam band central in the shadow of The Barrymore Theater), and most recently, The Annex (voted Madison's best live music venue in the 2004 Madison Area Music Awards). StoneFloat is starting to see a fervent following of dedicated fans at their shows who are singing along with the songs, shouting out requests, and wildly applauding as poems morph into song and back around again. This is clearly a band that inspires dedication, creativity and transcends all previous notions of what a rock and roll show can entail.

What sets StoneFloat apart from their peers is their ability to put forward an incredible amount of energy and musicianship during live performance. The result is a completely unique sound that is at times aggressive and at times incredibly soothing. This is much more than the everyday attack and release of most bands. StoneFloat is able to move horizontally, to drop like an anvil and soar like a hawk. Already music and spoken word fans are coming forward and volunteering to help the band widen their circle of listeners. Trading of live recordings has begun and street teams are currently forming.

The members to StoneFloat view themselves as family and are committed to the kind of work both on and off the stage that it takes


StoneFloat Archive Series 1: Live From The Portal 8-20-05

Set List

We have no "typical" set list. We interweave spoken word and songs and, depending on the venue's desire, are able to play sets lasting in length from 45 minutes to three hours of original music and poetry. We also mix in some covers ranging from The Band to Sublime to The Beatles to Hank Williams, The Gourds, and The Grateful Dead to name a few. For a complete account of all StoneFloat setlists, please go to