Stone Free

Stone Free


Down home, southern Blues. Staying true to the music that took rock and roll from jook joints to rock arenas.


After playing for many years together, Nick and Dylan split and went on to their "respectable" careers. Alan played in a blues band in west GA, and Dylan sat in some when they were without a drummer. The guitar player in that band left and Dylan put in a call to Nick to fill the void. The guys instantly bonded. Alan owns a tattoo shop in Carrollton GA (Friend's Custom Tattoo). Nick and Dylan knew him from that shop and entrusting their skin to him on several occasions! Since the guys were already familiar with each other, the "feeling each other out" part of starting band was too easy. Most of the songs fell in line with ease and now the boys are ready to play anywhere that can handle some down home, southern blues, covering everything from Robert Johnson to ZZ Top. So, come out...grab a brew and a partner...and party with STONE FREE!!!


"Ruff Cuts"-is a club demo that is in current circulation in west GA and east Al clubs.

Set List

We have about 50 songs(not including our acoustic set) We can play for about 4hrs depending on the venue/closing time/crowd/other entertainment. We play songs by;SRV,ZZ Top,Jimi Hendrix,Ottis Redding,Allman Brothers Band,Willie Dixon,Robert Johnson,Cream,Eric Clapton,BB King,Lynyrd Skynyrd, and more...