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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Local Band plays London Music & Art Fair"

"Local band Stone Groove opened for Eric Horner this weekend at the London Music & Art Fair, a cultural festival held annually in historic, downtown London, OH. Stone Groove has taken a variety of styles and influences and rolled them into one "unique" sound. They are definitely a band to watch for in the future" - The Madison Press

"Stone Groove opens for Dave Matthews"

On July 24th, 2004 Stone Groove got the distinguished honor of opening up on the second stage for none other than international star Dave Matthews. Stone Groove took the stage about 5:15 and ended at 6:30, warming up the set for The O.A.R. band and The Dave Matthews band. The event attracted about 12,000 people and the band did quite well. Just another opportunity done well that shows Stone Groove will one day take their rightful place among rock's biggest stars.
- Self


All of Stone Groove's releases have been independent, self-made, self-distributed EP’s and LP’s. They have had wide distribution from Terrapin Hills, KY to Toledo, OH, including the big cities and small towns in between.

2001 – Spyball – Includes the local Central Ohio hits "Spy Hunter", a jam based around a 70's spy sitcom theme; and "For Our Friends", a tune written about the fans, for the fans. Also includes one cover.

2002 – "Caught in the Crossroads" – A live CD which captured the essence of Stone Groove even with a low quality recording in a local rundown bar. It includes songs such as "Silver" (a taste of the trippy trance jam band scene), "Stomp" (an introspective tune written in the "Floyd-ian" philosophy), an instrumental jam based on TV's "Fat Albert Theme", and a glimpse at life as a teenager coming into his own with the epic masterpiece “Artificial Light”.

2003 – "Stone Groove" – includes new bluesy songs such as "Walkin' Don't Remind Me of You"; "Travelin'" (an introspective look at life as a traveling musician) and "Fly Away Sorrow" (an analytical look at the interaction between a bar patron and the singer who he is listening to...the hope is that “the listener will feel better after hearing this song.”)

2005 – “An American Classic” – This is Stone Groove’s most recent endeavor. Within is music leaps and bounds above anything Stone Groove has ever attempted, including “High Street Traffic Jam”, “Get Up and Feel All Right”, “South Side” (a bitingly satirical song about life on the bad side of the tracks), “Nothing Left to Burn”, “Things That Go ‘Bump’” (an instrumental the Doors would have killed to get their hands on), and “She Goes Down Easy”. This is Stone Groove’s first attempt to produce beyond the small gig circuit.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Stone Groove has a sound that will leave you "flat against the wall at the back of the room." Their influences range from the mighty Zeppelin to the Fab Four, from Black Sabbath to Bob Dylan, from Robert Johnson to Thelonious Monk to Charlie Parker to Miles Davis to...well, you get the idea: they listen to a lot of music. Each member is a valuable piece of the composite machine, and lends his own personal background to the music you can't help but love.

Craig Chapman has been living the blues (and playing them) for longer than anyone else in the band. Chappy, as he is known by his friends and fans, has seen almost fifteen years in the music business, playing solo or in bands for nearly half of his life. His earthy, rumbling guitar licks and his soaring, passionate voice are the means through which Stone Groove reaches their audience.

Spencer Elliott is the musical dynamism behind Stone Groove. His guitar playing is intense but lyrical, frenetic but tasteful. He is a prolific songwriter and a charismatic performer, and even sings now and again (when Chappy lets him). He is currently a senior at Otterbein College, where he studies jazz and guitar.

Matt Dunham joined Stone Groove in December of 2003, and has brought with him not only a level of playing and musical knowledge uncommon in most bass players, but the energy, drive and motivation the band was lacking before. Having also studied guitar at Otterbein, he presents an understanding and capability very few bands employ (and appreciate!).

Christian Gossard played drums for all of a month before he joined the band. In just over four years, he has gone from never hitting a drumhead to creating some of the most inventive, driving, funky beats known to rock n roll. Christian studied such set hitters as John Henry Bonham, Neil Peart, Bill Ward, Danny Carey and Keith Moon, just to name a few influences in his conquest of the drum set.

Rob Shingler is the newest addition to Stone Groove, and has brought an element of traditional blues to the band with his Howlin' Wolf/Sonny Boy Williamson (I and II) style playing. He learned to play harp while delivering pizzas, listening to and playing along with the Grateful Dead. Though not involved with every song Stone Groove plays, Rob is an integral part of the sound of this band.

Brian John is nothing short of phenomenal on the keys. Having studied classical piano since he was four, and currently studying at Miami University, Brian has more musical training and honed ability than most musicians playing today. He adds a strong, energetic, important dimension to the soundscape of Stone Groove.

Scott "Scooter" Boyd has been with the band from the beginning. "I'm their biggest fan," he jokes. His inventive percussion fills and powerful vocals, as well as his impressive, jovial stage presence have established Scooter as well beyond just a fan. His energy and charisma both on and off stage are true staples of rock n roll, and if you think you can handle it, spend a night out with this guy!