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Paul Isaac and the Stone Hearts have crafted a quality, easy-going and breezy body of work with their debut full-length, “Broken Flowers.”

The music is pretty smart as a whole, and so are the lyrics. One thing that should be stressed about this band is that Paul Isaac is a tremendous songwriter. Listening to any one of his ballads can take you away from wherever you are to a place that is indescribable. Each ballad is better than the last – extremely picturesque, charming and striking, albeit seemingly vulnerable and frail (the story, not the sound). Listen to “What I Deserve” and “Broken Flowers.”

Directly out of a ballad, or an acoustic track, Paul Isaac and the Stone Hearts can launch right into an upbeat indie rock track like “Say Goodnight” and “ Red Thunder,” even channeling today’s indie-rock heavyweights The Forecast on tracks “Loneliness and Fear” and “Ocala.”

These guys also display a Neil Young-ish sound with “In the Morning,” and even channel cult favorite Bright Eyes on “Sorry About the Mess.” Paul Isaac and the Stone Hearts do not truly attempt to sound like anyone else, as it is clearly evident that their sound is all their own – there aren’t that many people making music and records like this.

“Broken Flowers’ is great for long Sunday drives, sunny days, chilly nights and a lot of front porch sitting. Try it on for size:

Usually local music is easy to peg as far as genre goes, but Paul Isaac and the Stone Hearts somehow seamlessly blend many different sounds together to create their music.

It’s ultimately a cool sound, mixing indie, alt-country, bluegrass, folk and easy rock and roll. It may sound like a weird combination, but in the end it works.

“What we are doing is a movement of sorts; one that is all about the music; no false pretenses, no airs, just music and energy, and raw emotion,” says Paul Isaac. “Our main thing is that we try to be completely honest in our music.”

Think Steve Earle, Neil Young and Tom Waits, combined with Matt Costa, Bright Eyes and The Forecast. Their sound pulls influence from a lot of different sources, but puts them together effortlessly.

Paul Isaac and the Stone Hearts can write a good rock song, and an even better ballad. They are good both acoustically and as a full band.

“We may not write the best songs you’ve ever heard, but when it comes to playing music that we believe in, that we believe we can heal, and that we believe leaves us standing completely ‘naked’ on stage because we have bared all with our music,” adds Isaac.

And that’s just it; Paul Isaac and the Stone Hearts play music with such conviction that it comes across in the music they create. You can pretty much hear that across the board on their debut LP ‘Broken Flowers.’

If you are fan of emotional and moving music, then check this band out:, or

-Brian Campbell -


Broken Flowers

Title track "Sometimes" on Oasis Alternative Comp. CD



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