A Christian Rock/Worship band whose goal is to glorify God with our music and lead others to worhip Him through it.


We first played together in early 2006. We found that we were being asked to play together on a regular basis, primarily for local churches on Sunday mornings, and so we decided to pursue music in a more formal, or orderly fashion. As individuals, we all had a background in music, loved it immensely and wanted to follow after careers in the field. What came of our decision was 'Stonehouse25', a self described...'original Christian rock worship band', with heavy influences by bands like 'Petra', 'Whiteheart', 'Newsboys', 'DC TAlk', 'Lincoln Brewster', 'Chris Tomlin', 'Delirious' and some general market bands like 'Daughtry' and 'Creed', as well. And off we went! What ensued were invitations to play churches, church events and youth events in the Kootenay area and beyond, including numerous towns in the East and West Kootenays, Edmonton, Calgary, Medicine Hat, Langley and communities within the BC Interior. We've been able to return to many of these towns and have started to make some real friends in many of them, often seeing a lot of the same people at different events and enjoying catching up with the individuals that have shown us immense support over the years. This has proven one of the most rewarding aspects of being in a band that travels, as we really do value relationship as one of the main channels to convey the message that we want to get across through our music...a message that speaks of Jesus' love for all of us, regardless of creed, color or community status. It is also a message that tells of who He is, His character and nature, of His immense grace and mercy, of what He has done for us and of His Holiness. He is alive, He reigns on high and He longs for a relationship with all that He has made, and to display his extravagant love for us through signs, wonders, miracles and power in our daily lives. It is Stonehouse25's desire to experience Him in this way and to lead others into a similar experience whenever and wherever we play. Whether a Sunday morning worship set or a Saturday night concert, we believe that God can and will move through the music that He has given to all of us and that He is forever worthy of praise, glory, adoration and all of our focus. What fun it has been to watch people get set free and receive all types of healing during these times! We've had opportunities to play the cafe stage at 'Historymaker '09' in Langley, BC, open for Matt Brouwer, and to play at 'The Gathering', in Grand Forks, BC, this year (3rd consecutive). We recently finished recording our first album, a 5 song EP, and are looking to release that by March, 2010. At our core, we are a worship band and we desire to look to the Father for direction in all that we do, both on and off the stage.

Set List

You Showed
What a Day
To Know You
Close My Eyes
Any Better