Industrial glam rock in its purest form! Stoneman creates a wall of sound ready to blow off the audience's minds. Heavy and spherical, dark and light applies to the sound as well as to the styling, which makes the catchy live performances of Stoneman complete. Get ready to rock!


The group was founded in 2005. Since these days they're getting bigger and better very rapidly. In 2006 the boys' debut album "sex. drugs .murder" was released worldwide and gave quite an impact to the industrial gothic and rock scene. ( E.I. magazine USA). They played more than 80 shows in over 30 countries in 2006, supporting big acts like Within Temptation, U.K Subs , the Deathstars and many others. Spring 2007 a first headliner tour through 19 cities followed and on the 14tth September 07 their second album "HOW TO SPELL HEROIN" will be released. They will also continue with their headliner tour by that time. STONEMAN is a real live band and whenever you get the chance, go and check them out!! FLY the awesome and young guitar player, DAVE SNOW a genius in the music business who has already produced a lot of well known bands, RICO H the tattooed and weird drummer and finally singer MIKKI CHIXX who is the infamous and dark frontman with the carefully studied rough, vaguely rugged charm that attracts groupies like magnets (VIRUS magazine U.K). The musicians may already think that they are the best, but watch out, they will probably be just that one day!! (Sonic Seducer GERMANY)


2006: sex.drugs.murder

Set List

- How To Spell Heroin (3:23)
- Save Me The Last Waltz (3:40)
- Bizarre.Glam.God (3:15)
- Dope Army (3:52)
- Dead Or Alive (3:57)
- Nightmare On Elm Street (3:27)
- No Use For Life (3:15)
- Wer Ficken Will (4:15)
- Like A Believer (3:10)
- Preacher Holiday (3:30)
- Necromantic Dreams (4:07)
- Alone In The Dark (5:16)

Order is not fixed, total length: about 60 minutes