Stone Mecca

Stone Mecca


Stone Mecca is an LA Based "Future Soul" band. A funky fusion of pure soul, rock , and funk with modern rhythms driving a futuristic take on an umistakenly soulful sound. Stone Mecca as a unit holds live stage performance in the highest regard, a true feast for the eyes, ears and heart.


"This group gives us a modern day example of heart and soul music is" - The Rza

A new addition to the Wu-Tang Clan Family tree, Stone Mecca is a direct reflection of soulful flavor, something unique and superlative, stretching beyond established boundaries. Original production, live instruments and evocative lyrics and melodies are woven together amidst heavy bass lines and rhythmic beats, breeding funk, soul, and hip hop as one. Stone Mecca is a musical movement, a creative Eden for the heart, and a warm embrace for the soul. Tru James founder and producer of Stone Mecca, has worked with artists such as Earth Wind and Fire, Dallas Austin, Rza, Spice 1, DJ Pooh, Herby Luv Bug, and Ant Banks. As a unit the band has recently toured the US and Canada opening for and backing RZA, and has had the privelege of opening for legendary super band Earth Wind and Fire.


First Contact
Afro Samurai Soundtrack
Afro Samurai 2 Soundtrack
Stone Mecca Live from 54th

Set List

Our typical set ranges in length from 40-55min and includes all original music.
Complete set list follows:

Without You
In Love
Dream Maker
Good Woman
A Walk
The Key
Life Music
Come Home