Stone Mountain Station

Stone Mountain Station

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Stone Mountain Station is a straight-ahead, no-bullshit Americana rock band. Led by songwriter Mark Ciani, SMS sets out to rewrite familiar heartland and singer-songwriter rock for the 21st Century.


Who is Stone Mountain Station?

Stone Mountain Station is a rock band from New York City. Keyboardist and vocalist Mark Ciani founded the band in 2011, after he finished writing a bunch of songs that would have fit quite well on the Band's self-titled album. He and four others, including drummer Matt Musty and bassist Ryan Gleason, recorded four of those songs in January 2012 and released them as their first EP Victory Avenue. Now cooking with gas, Mark, Matt, and Ryan recruited Matt and Ryan's Berklee college buddy, guitarist Alvaro Kapaz, and the four of them quickly recorded and released a second EP, Sundown at High Noon.

While both EPs were excellent facsimiles of some of the band's favorite artists, Mark's voice was quite limited and, to make the mind-blowing noises Mark was hearing in his head, the band needed to add some young blood to the band. Enter Dan Sussman and Gina Tolentino. Guitarist Dan Sussman provides Stone Mountain Station with a rhythmic anchor that frees Mark and Alvaro to produce beautiful melodies and hooks. He also is a gifted songwriter in his own right. Lead singer Gina Tolentino has a transcendent voice that appeals to virtually every human on the planet and most other mammals as well. With the addition of Gina and Dan, the band is ready to take off.

What does Stone Mountain Station sound like?

Stone Mountain Station's first two EPs can be characterized as alt-country, americana, folk or country rock. The sounds are warm, familiar, and inviting, and the melodies will swim in your head for days.

The new material that the band has recently put together is a different animal. While the touchstones of alt-country and americana are still there, the band has added elements of r&b, classic rock, indie rock, prog rock, and pop to its sound. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. You will love it.


Victory Avenue EP -- March 2012
Sundown at High Noon EP -- January 2013
Sum of It LP -- TBD