Stones Overturned

Stones Overturned


Stones Overturned is a great musical band that puts on a great live show. Wether you like their style of music or not, you will enjoy and have fun watching them play live.


STONES OVERTURNED is a Heavy Rock Band from Ellicott City, MD. From hardcore screams to harmonies, SO encorporates many different styles while still playing for what they believe. With passionate lyrics, heavy music, and a crazy live show, SO is a all around solid band that is here to encourage people to live life for a purpose. Stones Overturned is influenced by bands like P.O.D., mewithoutYou, He Is Legend, Project 86, and more. Their live show and passion for what they believe and stand for sets them apart from other bands.


A New Day Will Turn

Written By: stones OVERTURNED

this isn’t the way it suppose to be this dead end road wasn’t built for me my knees the ground my heart pounds I found it all but a way out my hands are covered in so much filth my feet have walked on many stones is this the dock of all my fears is this the dock of all my

I fall Im falling from the stars right into Your arms it seems to be so long this time I swear I wont let go of all the things youve shown so speak to me through your ghost

my ship south on this dark day this darkness invades my weekend state the sea it roars the fog sets in this is where my fall first begins this path I travel in a valley of shadows haunting from my past still hang beside me but I see the writing on wall I see the writing

from all the stars exposure and when the night is over a new day will turn

Sirens Of Silence

Written By: stones OVERTURNED

at this time the poison you give wont suffice it did but it will not tonight you promised me this then you promised me at this time nothing all that you gave was a lie the pain of it all will not die but I found the remedy

all this pain and all this murder wont come without a price the price of my life this wont suffice all I need is one solution for this critical conclusion I need the remedy take this away

watch me here comes the wave watch me here comes the tide watch me under the tide

at this time the weight of the cloud pulls me down to this anchor Im no longer bound don’t try to return to what you once were at this time the ship of clichés is at sea the unknown will make you flea Im scared of the sirens of silence

all I have was with you and all I need was all I had under this sunny shade my sorrow falls like rain all the same take all that I have take all that I am I need you Jesus I need you

This is the Last Night My Lips Touch Yours

Written By: stones OVERTURNED

why cant I feel this it hurts so much Ive lost this hour Ive lost this touch my heart hangs over this city burnt red lingering up above I feel lukewarm

my heart it lingers you cant put words into this mouth to explain this emotion that burns in my inner self like broken glass on the floor Ive already done this deed before and I feel lukewarm

why cant I feel this it hurts so much Ive lost this hour, Ive lost this

please take this from me now
this view has grown so cold watch this city burn till nothings left and I stand alone all these promises I made I never meant to break but now it seems that wasn’t the case

please take this from me now this view has grown so cold Ive corrupted all my freedom Ive corrupted all you gave me
there is nothing left to show watch this city burn and these bright lights shine I am with you as one

as far as this may go I want to tell you that Im sorry for all that I have done


The Water Offsets Us- Due out late May 2006.

Set List

Our set is 30 to 45 mins long, depending on how much time we are gven. The Song list is:

Sirens Of Silence
Break These Chains
This is the Last Night My Lips Touch Yours
Gravity Makes Things Fall
A New Day Will Turn