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Manchester, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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Stonestreet @ Brooklands tap

Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Stonestreet @ Retro Bar

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Stonestreet @ Satans Hollow

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



How would you define your sound?

The sound of Stonestreet’s music is based on distorted guitar riffs and melodic vocals. We have adapted and fused the most popular and underground styles, compressed them with our knowledge and practice, and turned the outcome into the original sound of Stonestreet, as it is. Our fans and many other people have said that the sound of Stonestreet is something new to their ears -it does have some kind of A -Europe, Scandinavian taste. The music is blended with rock, pop, metal and even disco. We believe that we are up to a discover a new genre -but it’s still a secret.

With there being so many bands out there now, do you feel you need to compete with them at all?

A feel of a competition is always a necessary thing to keep pushing the boundaries further and further. But it’s not about the battle…it’s all about getting their music out there. “We try to get friends with every band we play on the same stage -even if it’s a battle of the bands”.

Is this a particular place you go to for inspiration, or a certain person?

The place where we come from, where the band was formed and the rehearsals were held, is our inspiration. It is so full of positive energy that even the director of our first music video of One Dead Game, Santiago Rivero got inspirated and encouraged us to make this video. Even when we moved to UK in august 2010, we still managed to feel that energy from our memories. That is what actually feeds our muse and creativeness -belief that music is the source of our lives.

Do you feel that being based in Manchester gives you the chance to reach out to many people?

As we have moved from Latvia, where music industry is so very very small compared to UK’s, we definitely feel that this is the right place. Population of Manchester is twice as bigger as whole Latvia’s, so hell yeah…this is our chance. The audience in Manchester is amazing and supportive and seem to have a great interest in Latvian rock.

Your favourite venue to gig at?

We have just recently started gigging, as we are new in town, but for now it seems that Band on The Wall is a decent venue to have a gig in. The PA equipment is amazing, and the place it self has a very good atmosphere. We definitely would love to play there again!

Describe your band in 3 words?
Way of Living!
- Freakquency Music Blog

Stonestreet are an amazing young rock band who are based in Manchester and are destined to go a very long way in the music industry!

Their particular brand of rock n roll is right on the cutting edge and they have an irresistable zest for life, a combination which will endear them to music fans where-ever they are!

- /Andy Graham/ Music 4 Life

The newest edition to Manchester’s rock music community – Stonestreet - without a doubt, is a fresh breeze in Britain’s industry of entertainment. Just recently fully formed Latvian rock band have quite the stunning hits pleasing not just ears, but eyes as well – back in their home country, the guys finished their first official video for the single „One Dead Game”, directed by Santiago Rivero – a Venecuelian director working in New York. The song rotated for several weeks in Latvian LMK national music video channel top 3 charts. The band recieved praises and critical acclaims, but that, appearntly, only poured the oil into fire – Stonestreet is releasing two more videos for both their newest singles „Bitch” and „Vanilla Poison” in the upcoming summer. Not bad for and unsigned rock band, eh? On top of that, try to catch up with their new genre – DISCOmetal. Don’t know what it is? Well, only one way to find out – the calendar says their next on stage performance is pushing close, February 3rd, Manchester, Dry Bar. - Designer Magazine


Bands first single, "One Dead Game", was officially released in Latvia, 2010 along with our first official HD video for the song.
The Singles "Vanilla Poison" and "Bitch" were released in March 2011.

13th of August, 2011 -Release of debute EP album "Eat this". Containing of 5 songs -Party Time, Rebel, Justice for All, Requiem for Alice and Zombieland.



A fresh breeze from Eestern Europe full of energy, passion and love towards music – Stonestreet – a rock / dicometal pop ultra kicking, mind blowing band you have been waiting for so long. They rock so hard and loud, that they’ve been banned from Latvia and exiled to Manchester. Why? Because Latvia, although a wonderfull place to live in, is too small pond for the potential of guys.

They packed their stuff, made a huge farewell party (which footage eventually was used in the making of „One Dead Game” video, and started a journey towards United Kingdom – a highpoint of music industry. The path led them to Manchester where they are based at the moment and are about to shake these grounds with heavy sounds. So prepare yourseleves to be blown away...

Stonestreet have found something invaluable, something world perhaps isn’t ready for yet. „The beast inside is breaking out – we don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to hold it!”