Stonewall Jackson Band

Stonewall Jackson Band


Remember when people used to write about stuff?The soundtrack to a dynamic lifestyle. Full of cranked-to-ten amps, lyrics and music. Modern day outlaws, telling there stories in loud, brash country ass way.


Stonewall Jackson Crippen is a native of southern Illinois, tiny town of four hundred people, the great metropolis known as Ullin. He started seriously playing guitar a bit late at the age of 13, but in just over a year was playing professional gigs with his father, Jack. Stonewall was self taught with guidance from his father, also a master of the instrument and veteran musician. Stonewall's first band 6120, was a rockabilly trio, based out of The Lake of the Ozarks Missouri. After a short stint with this group they disbanded leaving Stonewall orphaned from a very promising band. A couple of blues band and a million players later. Stonewall Jackson Band was formed. The most honest, mature writing and playing ever done by Jackson, his first solo album created a niche for the group. Mature lyrics with a rock edge, describing the tremendous pain and joy and loss that the last few years of his life have encompassed. "Every song on my record is real. There are no works of fiction. I just wrote about what I knew, I didn't hold anything back or add anything. I just put myself out there with everything I have. I found myself with this album. People ask all the time what our music sounds like. Of course I sound country, I grew up 20 miles from the Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois border. We're all rednecks down there. But there is an honesty in what I do that is just simply not there when compared to contemporary country. Then musically it's much less produced and much more aggressive".
Combine all these elements with a brutal live show, and the highest level of musicianship and you have Stonewall Jackson Band. Nothing more, nothing less.


Wondering Why

Written By: Stonewall Jackson Crippen

key "C" half step down
Wondering Why
you dont need my love,
you dont need my help
you just need a chance, to be yourself
if you leave and you don't cry
no one could blame you
even if they tried
I cant give you
what you need
so I'll leave you wondering why
you grew up just a little girl out in the sticks
geting drunk and getting high, just to get your kicks
then your boyfriend showed you how to powder your nose
and my how becoming you look, in those slutty clothes
then real world passed you by
and now you lay in bed at night, stare at the ceiling and cry
as you begin, to wonder why
daddy's drunk every night, raised you up in a bar,
and mama's doing her part, outside in the neighbors car
but god knows thats not your fault don't blame yourself
you just want that life you see in those pictures on the shelf
so now you wear a mask, to hide the lies
it shades your face, and it guards your eyes
so all in private, you can wonder why

One Regret

Written By: Stonewall Jackson Crippen

key "D"
One Regret
lost on a backroad, deep in the south kentucky night
headlights are quickly fading, lawmen barely out of sight
now it's only me and my will to survive
they might take me back not alive
terry called me this morning, wants to meet me late this night
for the last few weekends, his cars been in my drive
I knew what terry had on his mind,
he took his gun and I took mine
I've lived my life one regret at a time
but I don't regret takin terrys life
since young terry took my wife
the sirens came quickly, but I squeezed of one more round
they found young terry wilson, his body still warm on the ground
aint got no time for a plan
got a gun still smoking in my hand
the night is quickly fading, I hear footsteps close behind
and I feel two cold barrels and I know that it's my time
hell hath no fury like a women scorned
I think my wife told me that once before
I've lived my life one regret at a time
but I don't regret takin' terry's life
they'll never take me alive

Demon Dust

Written By: Stonewall Jackson Crippen

key "Dm"
demon dust
its hard to come to grips with what I am
an unnamed demon holds my right hand
he promises the promised land
but delivers only sand
it's hard to come to grips with what I am
I try to turn away but its no use
I have not the strength for this life I choose
no drink can cure my endless thirst
no sin can quench my lust
I've got to break free of this demon dust
because I am not the man I thought I was
I can't just turn and walk away
kills me slow with every breath you take my love and take my trust
I've got to break free of this demon dust
I feel the icy sting of his fridgid hand
his pain is real he bows there to no man
to die by him is to die in vein
but god to live is hell on earth
I've got to come to grips with what I am


Written By: Stonewall Jackson Crippen

key "Am"
do I need love
or do I need abuse
do I need both
to get me thorough
if one would make me happy
and the other make me bleed
would I choose adiction
or would I choose the need
you gave me a chance
and I gave you my world
but nightmares go to sleep just like the dreams
an awkward silence, as our eyes meet
your defensive smile says hello
you left this morning
the air was sweet
but tonight a new scent fills the air
am I a fool
do you think me so
the jesters part I will play no more
the jesters part I will play no more
lead ride/ 3 rounds
drop down snare roll
your alone in the hallway
by candle light
tonight your eyes have a hollow glow
your clothes are tattered
your hair is wet
the bruises on your neck are not my own
my heart is breaking
I see only red
tonight someone will fall here alone
tonight someone will fall here alone
the pain I see tonight
goes below to stay inside
angels slumping in the bedroom floor
destroying all the lies
that time could not rewind
heartbreak is not forgiven tonight
repeat first verse


Written By: Stonewall Jackson Crippen

key "C"
she's only seventeen
barely driving a car
does her growing up
down at the local bar
daddy went away
mama can't get on track
can't see her little girl
heading down that same old path
she's just tired of pretending
tired of make believe
so many questions
so many answers she cant see
she's got no faith in dying
lost the will to forgive
she'd die for the reason
she wants to live
she just wants to live
she turns to the bottle now
tries to never look down
drinks to the bottom
and can't turn things around
and once in a while
she'll catch that familiar smell
and look in the mirror
but not look to well
she's tired of pretending,
tired of make believe
so many questions
so many answers she can't see
don't know the sickness
not long for this world
all that is certain
she'll leave here finding the cure
she just wants to live
cool interlude thing
lead ride
trying to get up,
trying to hold on
breaking those chains,
she's holding her own
her life was hardened
but her heart made of glass
she'd die tomorrow
to forget about her past

Every Time You Call

Written By: Stonewall Jackson Crippen

key "E"
every time you call
taking every wrong path looking for what I lost years ago
living in my van and talking to a girl I knew some years ago
some would call me poor
but I have wealth untold
contentment is all we need
but contempt is all I show
when the scars on my heart remind me of the ones there on my arm
but my old friend always reminds me of my life in a simpler time
both my gift and my curse
could be better it could be worse
always hoping for the best
but planning for the worst
every time you call you give me something
that I don't find to often anymore
though I seldom think what might've happened
if we had never closed that door
every time you call
lead ride
I lost you and then I gained these demons on my back
there hard to see and even harder to shake but they ain't broke me yet
if those kids from yesterday
could only see us now
do you think they'd understand
why it never worked out

Wrong to me

Written By: Stonewall Jackson Crippen

key "Em"
wrong to me
tell me why,
I shouldn't leave tonight
you were wrong to me
the proof lyes here
in this hole in my arm
and all this blood you see
don't know why you did it
why were you so scared
before this life is over
I'll make sure you care
you were wrong to me
I never tried to take you down
you put a knife in me
now my blood stains your hands
you were wrong to me
a deadly attraction
your viscous words tear a hole in me
just like any bad addiction
you always slither your way back to me
but your drugs are not pure
and the price is much to high
you know every way to hurt someone
you've scarred me for life
break into bridge
never felt you cumming
never heard you cry
the most dangerous of vices
are those easily disguised
you lye down on the carpet
while I hit you from the sky
a deadly widow spider
I still feel your bite

We all Need Something

Written By: Stonewall Jackson Crippen

key "E"
We all Need Something
thinking of a past left far behind
alone in this cold world, real friends are hard to find
only 24 years young, still I feel lke 45
and I'm needing something
sitting in the bar last monday night,
an old man in pajamas fights the pain from amother life,
two days later at home a call comes in
fifth of vodka a razor blade and another desperate friend
who's needing something
why wont you give me a sign, show me the way
just give up and go, or should I fight and stay
love might be blind but that don't mean it's right
dont give up the battle and lose the fight
two drops of blood fall on the floor
you remember your night life, you've been up for two nights before
but no one ever died from havin a couple more
we all need something
theres a hole in mamas arm they found today
it might be to big to heal, still too soon to say
take some clothes with you as you go
honey mama might not be coming home
she's needin something

you know theres two long roads you can travel
one to peace and one to insanity
either road can lead to nowhere
its just the steps you choose along the way

Pipe Dreams

Written By: Stonewall Jackson Crippen & Donna Tempest

key "Am"
pipe dreams
I tried to love you so damn hard
you've given me nothing
given me nothing so far
Im sorry to say I've given up hope
you dont love me you never did
you just love the high and you love the dope
and paradise so it seems is just another
pipe dream, your little pipe dream
pipe dream, filthy little pipe dream
calling me on the phone its almost four
baby can I come by, for just a little more
I give it to you and I wonder why
every time you walk out the door
I die a little more each time inside
and I'll never be just another
lead ride
you tell only lies you've lost all respect
making me cry like that, what did you expect
you've become a total joke
you live for the bite and that next toke
no one likes you anymore
and we'll both die alone
with your little

Reason to Quit

Written By: Stonewall Jackson Crippen

key "A"
reason to quit
drinking bourbon whiskey
straight from the jug
why do you want me to stop so bad
the only things I love
what you call starting trouble
I call a real good time
you'd think that the way I'm acting would've given you a sign
but I can't find a
enough reason to quit
so I'll keep on pressing my luck
one of these days my evil ways are gona catch up
until I find that, reaon to quit
she don't like my drinking
don't like this guitar
step between me an my first love
and you've gone one step too far
I can give up the drinkin
I can leave behind the booze
but the music is too potent
it's 190 proof
lead ride
given up alot in life
following this dream
it's kind of like an addiction
it can tear you apart at the seems


Stonewall Jackson Band first album was finished and packaged in early August 2007. It includes 10 original songs one cover and bonus track, and second disc with the music video for their album title song "Demon Dust".

Set List

Stonewall Jackson Band does a two hour concert of mostly original music and select cover songs (this means no breaks) with an half our encore if desired. Four hour shows and solo/acoustic shows available.