Brad Camidge

Brad Camidge


Brad Camidge- singer/songwriter/master guitarist ready to launch you on trip out of this world. Welcome to the next dimension. You'll understand why they call him "StoneyB420"!


One guy from the middle of nowhere. Brad E. Camidge grew up in a very remote part of Southern Oregon called Bly Mountain. His mother purchased his first guitar when he was three. He called it his “Tink Tink”. From that point on he would never let it go.He dreamed to be like his childhood idol "The Rhinestone Cowboy", Glen Campbell. This would be the begining of a life long quest to share his message to the world and follow his heart and dreams. He started winning local talent shows in the fifth grade with original compostions. Since that time he has written 100's of songs and preformed mostly around his local town of Klamath Falls, and all over the Pacific Northwest.. His truly god gifted, original sound definitely comes as a "breath of fresh air" to an ever-dewindling music industry. Inspired by the likes of John Lennon, Ronnie VanZant(Lynard Skynard), Vinnie Vincent, and Dave Mustaine(Megadeth). He formed a few local bands "ABRUPT EDGE"(1991-1996), SPODI (1997-1999) which quickly disapated and would go on to launch a solo career in the spring of 2000 with the release of budget demo album "STONEY B420-GARAGE DAZE". 2002 he formed the explosive power trio “COWBOYZ & INDIANZ” with drummer Ben Gonzales and bassist Rick Shook. The band went on stand still when Rick Shook suffered a stroke in 2005. Despite the set backs he continues on his quest to rock. This master guitarist, vocalist, and pianist mixes heavy blues undertones, with melodic vocals and tops it off with some sizzling fretwork. Songs that stick with you. Someone who definitley won't be going away anytime soon..



Written By: Brad Camidge


Slipping away, so far from here.
I’d sure like to stay , but I must go on with time.
And don’t you be so sad. Not even one tear.
This is the way that I must move on.

(Chorus 1) You’ll think of me when it thunders.
You’ll hear my voice deep in the wind.
You’ll feel me in your heart,
And know I’m not far baby.
I’m just waiting over here.

Slipping away, all this memories hold dear.
I’m going away now, but by no choice of mine.
And don’t take it so bad. There’s nothing to fear.
This is the day that I must move on.

(Chorus 2) You’ll often think of me and wonder.
Long to hear my voice again.
You’ll feel me in your soul,
Where ever you are, baby.
I’m just waiting over here.

Slipping away, so far from here.
This is the way that I must move on.

(Chorus 1/ Chorus 2/ Tag/ End)

Written Entirely By:
Brad E. Camidge
All Rights Reserved


Written By: Brad Camidge


I can’t see and I can’t breathe,
From the anger of the comfort of my disease.
And I can’t cure, what isn’t known.
Am I reaping all the seeds that I have sown.

(Chorus) In the memories of faces,
In the memories of places.
Memories in my life.

Am I insane, to feel the pain.
From the memories of a love that’s now in vain.
And I can’t love, with you around.
Am I seeing all the glory promised of.

(Chorus/ Verse1/ Chorus)

Me Myself and I

Written By: Brad Camidge

Me Myself And I

I live my life my own way.
I take it live it day by day.
Sometimes I get so high,
That I just kind of drift away.

(Chorus) Into outerspace,
Past the twighlight zone
On a real good stone.
Wanna be, just wanna be
Myself, me myself and I.

I’m rolling down the highway,
Just thinking about me and my own way.
Don’t mind me, we’ve come so far
You know I just wanna be.


You live your life your own way.
You take it live it day by day.
Sometimes you get so high,
That you just kinda drift away.

(Chorus/ Verse 1/ Chorus/ End)

Written Entirely By:
Brad E. Camidge
All Rights Reserved.


Slipping/ Memories/ Me Myself & I/ Never Ever

Set List

Chemical Man
Me Myself and I
Never Ever
One Kinda Guy
Victim Of Mine
Swing On My VIne
Tragic End
A Lie
Brother Michael
Get It Hot
First Stone
One Soul
Third Scrapping
Open Mind
Is it?
Always You
Beyond The Sun
( And many, many more...)
Typically 4 45-55 minute sets ( But have been known to play until daylight.)

Cover Tunes- Just What I Needed (Cars)
Road House Blues (Doors)
Simple Man (Lynard S