Stono Echo

Stono Echo

 Jacksonville, Florida, USA
DuoHip HopSoul

Stono Echo sounds like Otis Reading meets D'Angelo meets Gang Star.


Stono Echo sounds like Otis Reading meets D'Angelo meets Gang Star.

Myztroh wields the most creative vocal melodies. His work as a conductor and composition degree is showcased in his rich background harmonies.

Paten Locke is responsible for the musical landscapes. His experience and resume authenticate the Hip-Hop represented in the project.

The duo's unified voice and philosophy are expressed beautifully through their songs . The name Stono Echo alludes to the 1739 Stono Rebellion. Their music serves as a vehicle of emancipation for both the musicians and the listeners. This collaboration unites people under their rhythms and move them with frequencies of harmony, love and justice.

As music lovers first their sound invokes the spirits ofthe greats like James Brown and Jay Dilla while exuding an energy of freshness.


'Black Diamonds' - 2017 - Vinyl/Digital/CD

Set List

Sets Run between 45min - 4 hours (with breaks)

Originals- Now Showing, Southern Hip-Hop Rebels, Cheat Codes, More, Bad Thang, Snow Cold, Hip-Hop?!, Dope Line, The Spanish Inquisition, hip-hop 101, Cool Out, Punchlines, No Holding My Legs, Dirty Duval, Re-Run, The Big Break, Neglect

Covers- I Shot the Sheriff, Crazy, Hey Ya, Just A Friend, The Breaks, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Concrete Jungle, Evil Ways, Killing Me Softly, What’s Goin On, Jammin, Just A Friend, Satisfy My Soul