Stony Run

Stony Run

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Stony Run is a powerhouse that is taking the country music circuit by storm.


Stony Run Stony Run, a power-house trio, consisting of Marty and Angela Short (Husband and Wife), and Anna Ash (Marty’s Sister) is literally taking the country music circuit by storm. Already making a name for themselves with a harmony blend that will send chills though you and a unique sound and stage presence that will captivate any audience Stony Run has appeared on the Grand Ole’ Opry during 2008’s CMA Fest week in Nashville, Tennessee with country music icon, Marty Stuart. Stuart stood there absolutely motionless watching and listening as this young group lit up the faces of a thousand people on the Ryman Auditorium stage with a thunderous standing ovation at the end of their performance.

In 2009 Stony Run had the privilege of sharing the Hard Rock Café stage with Country superstar, Michael Peterson. Stony Run hailing from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia headed for Nashville Tennessee determined to find their place in country music. It wasn’t long before they were singing their way into the hearts of all who heard them. Marty Short, who single lead and harmony is also the creative musician within the group. His fun, down to earth personality and his love for music was instilled in him as a child. Marty and his five siblings grew up singing, but it was his older sister Anna Ash who shared the same dream and determination of her baby brother. Geared for success they headed toward their dream. Anna Ash, who also sings lead and harmony, is a true entertainer. Her love for people shines as much off stage as it does on stage. Anna has that ability to rope you right in with her energetic personality and unparalleled stage presence. Right alongside the two siblings is Marty’s wife Angela. She, too, single lead and harmony vocals and co-writes most of the songs performed by Stony Run. It would appear that this group of young people came from out of nowhere, but the truth of the matter is that the trio has been singing for years with Marty’s adopted father and his wife as a family group. It was with their families the soon to be trio of Stony Run developed strong harmonies and dedication.

One weekend Marty’s adopted father, Eddie Short, wrote a song that would lead the trio into the hands of singer, songwriter, and producer, James House. The song “In A Little While” was written in dedication to the miners who lost their lives in the Sago Mining accident in January of 2006. The song was recorded at The Sound Kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee, and released as a single to country music radio in the summer of 2006. At that point Stony Run never realized how much that song would change their lives. Having a taste of success in the music they had always hoped to be part of Marty, Anna, and Angela made the transition from the family group this power-house country trio called Stony Run. With a broad musical influence ranging from Reba, Faith Hill, George Jones, Sugarland, George Strait and so many others Stony Run has that unique ability of captivating the young to the young at heart with a style all their own.

One of the things that make Stony Run special is their down-to-earth attitude towards people. With their drive, quick wittedness, and determination there is no slowing them down. Given the opportunity this group will take you on one of the most exciting musical journeys of a life-time. You, too, will realize within the first few notes of Stony Run hitting the stage that this band is destined to be the next big thing. So buckle up and get ready to take this ride! Don’t hesitate to book Stony Run now for your event; averaging 100-150 shows a year all over the U.S., needless to say, their calendar fills quickly!