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"Stonz Thro"

Searching thru the Internet one day, seeking out new bands, I happened upon a new sound that caught my attention. A song called Magazine began to play. The guitar riff that played was like nothing I have ever heard before. As the keyboard came in, I knew I was in for something special. Next came a unique and powerful voice and at that point I knew I was in for a treat!

A local band out of southern California, Stonz Thro is tearing up the scene. A close knit group of guys that have been together since their teenage years have found what most will only hope for. That special ability to create music with such ease. While only playing cover parties a year and a half ago, things fell together rather quickly. They decided to do a few songs in the studio, but were convinced to throw a whole CD together. Songs began to fall together and the rest is history. One can tell just by listening to the album that they have found what it takes to put together a song and have it actually have meaning to it. To speak to you musically in a sense that can be understood.

As with any band, problems arise that must be dealt with, such as musicians that just aren’t working out to personal problems in life. While these things would break a weaker group, Stonz Thro has dealt with them and pressed on; ever vigilant in chasing the dream that seems to be closer with each passing day.

Talking with the group I found that they are like any other group of guys. They have the token guy for busting on. Jay, their bassist, appears to be the brunt of most jokes, forever being messed with. Antics such as pressed hams at Denny's and practical jokes of such nature are the norm is this lifestyle. Without such brotherhood these times would be an impossible to cope with. Humor is a big part of surviving in this industry; a good stress reliever, if you will.

Some may be wondering how the name came to be….well I’ll tell you. The band held a contest on a local radio station to come up with a name. So some random listener can now be credited with naming the band. Although they only play out 2 times a month, the fan base for them is very strong and growing bigger all the time. From all genres, all ages and walks of life, everybody enjoys the sounds they play. From a 60- yr- old couple in a local bar to a group of hardcore music lovers, they’re making friends from all angles. And why not? When you have what it takes, it just comes natural and the crowds will follow.

The CD will be out shortly for all to purchase thru their website and and take it from me I’ve heard the whole album and you won’t be disappointed !!

I would like to thank the guys of Stonz Thro for taking the time to talk with me. To let me into their world and share with me the inner workings of the machine that is Stonz Thro!!

- by Luke Pariseau -

"Stonz Thro Needs To be Heard America"

What is in your CD player? If the new and upcoming band “Stonz Thro” isn’t in your collection then it is incomplete. This Southern California band, formed only one year ago, consists of musicians from various musical backgrounds and influences. Their new album “Bent” is bringing Old school rock with a new millennium twist. Their visions will even make a novice grab a pencil and start drumming.
They have their own sound but bands that they can be compared to are legends Def Leppard and Guns & Roses. Rock Ballad machines that can bring the house down. The band emphasizes on clear vocals but doesn’t hesitate to put a crescendo in the mix and bring the loud rock sounds of Greg Wilding on the drum set into life. Back round vocal placement was correct in every use. In the slower songs (Broken Hearts and I Don’t Know), Mike Folston (Vocals) brings out emotion that I only thought Aaron Lewis of Staind could do. “Road to Nowhere” had me wanting to get in my vehicle, put the top down, hair bowing in the wind, and go where no maps can find me. Symphonic notes of Scott Berry on the keyboards grabbed my attention from the second his fingers met the black and white keys.
Ballads are the songs that stick in people’s minds forever and everybody will have a memory attached to it. Stonz Thro does just that. They incorporate a harmony that will have you wanting more after the final note of every piece. The band has everything a band needs to make it, dreams, ambition, heart, and a drive to bring new sounds and visions to the public’s ear drums.
“We couldn't believe how these songs just came to us out of thin air and were so natural. It was really an exciting and uplifting experience for all of us.”– Shannon Smith (Guitarist). Shannon and J.D’Amore (Bass) are nothing close to rookies. Their website is currently under construction but you can check them out on myspace music:

Songs off their album include:
Trick Pony
Road to Nowhere
Broken Hearts
I Don't Know
Who I Am

9 out of 10 Drumsticks

Spinpress, this band needs to be heard. They are not beginners and they need our support! Get the word out.
- by Michael Nyland –


Debut CD, Bent, released December 2005

Various songs from the Bent CD are currently being played on the following internet radio stations:

And the following websites:


Feeling a bit camera shy


Based in the Inland Empire, Stonz Thro is the newest and fastest rising band to come out of the area. Their debut album, "BENT", was released in December 2005.

Stonz Thro has already received high praise for their innovative sound and feel of their music. With national airplay on numerous internet radio stations, such as based in Las Vegas, Stonz Thro is starting to gain public recognition and a large fan base.

"This is what Rock n Roll should sound like...I walk away from a day in the studio listening to all kinds of music, and this is what sticks in my head."--Pieter Holland (The host of Sound Advice,

Formed in 2004, the band consists of musicians from various musical backgrounds. With influences from all kinds of music over the last twenty years, Stonz Thro has incorporated the best parts of these influences into their music. "We couldn't believe how these songs just came to us out of thin air and were so natural. It was really an exciting and uplifting experience for all of us."-- Shannon Smith (Guitarist for Stonz Thro).

Now playing live within the Southern California area, Stonz Thro is hard at work sharing their music with anyone willing to listen. Stonz Thro is looking forward to seeing you at one of their shows.