Stooges Music Group

Stooges Music Group

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Hip-hop band from New Orleans, with blend of second-line, jazz, and funk.


The Stooges Music Group came in existence in 1996, with several high schoolers from the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), and the prestigious St. Augustine High School. The band cut their musical teeth playing weddings, funerals, and parties, putting into use their learning experiences.

The Stooges got their first break in 1998 when they were invited to play for the Rebirth Brass Band's 15th Anniversary Parade. They were an instant hit, becoming one of the premier bands in New Orleans.

While dealing with the tradition of jazz and the brass band, the Stooges began using their hip-hop influence to create a new sound. "We loved to play the traditionals with our elders, but we wanted to take our influence and incorporate it into our music", says Walter "Whoadie" Ramsey, bandleader.

With the success of their first release "It's About Time", the Stooges are beginning to venture more into the world of hip-hop. "Our sound now, if you can picture it", says Drew "Phessah" Baham, "is kinda like The Roots meets Earth, Wind, and Fire, meets The Dirty Dozen."

The Stooges new album, "True Stories",features their original music such as, "One of Dem Girls", "True Stories", and "Why Dey Had To Kill Him". It's release is scheduled for Spring 2006.


Stooges Brass Band - "It's About Time"

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The Stooges feature their original songs with about 10% of covers. Most will be featured on their upcoming CD, "True Stories".