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Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


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Finding The Same Cycle (LP) [2010]
Rain Gutter Collections (MIXTAPE) [2010]
One Too Many Mornings and a Thousand Styles in Mind (EP) [2011]
Shut the Front Door (MIXTAPE) [2011]
available to download at

Entire "Shut the Front Door" and "One Too Many Mornings" releases available to stream at

Entire "Shut the Front Door" available to stream on YouTube at which is also where you can find other promo videos I've done, including some music videos I've directed, filmed and edited.



I’m Johnny Cardoso, in the hip hop game they tend to call me Stoon, Stoony and Johnny Trulove. I’m 21 years old and I’ve been writing and playing music since I was 13 where it all started off with a ragged, beat up hand-me-down guitar from my uncle in seventh grade. Ever since I was a little kid all I’ve known for sure is that I’ve wanted to be involved in the music industry. I remember being about 9 in third grade thumbing through album CD inserts and began to start cutting out paper and drawing my own album sleeves and tracklists, slipping them into other CD cases as if the little band that existed in my head already had some sort of release. That’s where my obsession with graphic design began. Since, I’ve been obsessive-compulsively doing graphic design.
In middle school is when my obsession with the independent music industry really started to take me over. Music, design and art are all I’ve ever wanted to do. From 2005 to 2009 I recorded over 5 hours of singer-songwriter material that I released through the internet under the moniker The Definition Is. Those recordings, technically, the first releases by my company Elevada.
I grew up in Butte, Montana, a place with little to no music scene or influence and in 2009 I moved to Seattle, Washington to further my music and design. That’s also the year I started incorporating more hip hop into the music I listen to and taking the entire production of it into account. Coming from a more indie rock/ska/psych-rock background, I found hip hop to be the missing factor in my life. I’ve never been into sticking to one genre, we’re at a point in music history where if you limit yourself to only a few genres, then you’re clearly expressing your inability to comprehend other kinds of music. I try to comprehend as many different types as I can and that’s the reason I let hip hop and more electronic-based music influence my music. Soon, I found that hip hop was likely that missing factor in my musical interests.
Since moving to Seattle in 2009 I’ve released a full-length self-produced LP, two mixtapes, and a self-produced EP, as well as doing graphic design for a wide variety of musicians, artists and companies from Washington, Montana, Oregon and California.
I consider myself a man of many talents, if not, a man of many obsessions. Since I was young I’ve been interested in music, producing art, graphic design, playing guitar, drums, bass, keys and pretty much any instrument I can get my hand on, doing videography, web design, writing not just lyrics but poetry and fiction and drawing, painting and just making any sort of creative art in general. And I aim to make every single one of those things my career.
I’m 21. I’m still young. I have my whole life ahead of me. My music has changed drastically since I started. And so have I. Yet, I’m still the same old me in the end, someone who wishes nothing more than to just be able to let music be his therapeutic relief. Music is that one thing in life that has made me feel like I have somewhat of a purpose. I was born to do this, that’s always been evident to me. I’ve grown up a somewhat contradictory human being, always creating art but never fulling respecting my own work. Since discovering hip hop I feel like I’m becoming more like who I’m supposed to be day by day, and letting the music speak for me.