Stoopid Starz

Stoopid Starz

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We want to bring that originality, and the organic feel to our music. From our music videos and beyond everything has a meaning and is made for a reason. Stoopid Starz takes our music and our art very seriously.


Stoopid Starz was created in 2009 by musicians Deonne B and JET. The two musicians met at a small college. Deonne is from Denver, Colorado and Austin, TX and JET is from Dallas, TX. While in college the two came up with with the name Stoopid Starz while brainstorming a brand name. While being at college and living in a dorm room the Stoopid Starz made a studio inside of the dorm, which they mixed and mastered their own music and would put out several mixtapes. The second semester was not only consisted of making music, but performing it as well. The first show they did together was an event at the college which raised money for foreign countries. In time the two had to leave the college life temporarily and move to different cities; Deonne had to move to AUstin, TX and JET moved back to Dallas, TX. They would still manage to create music, perform and shoot music videos and still do. A lot of traveling is involved for them but nothing will stop them from pursuing their dream, and making good music at the same time.