Stop Die

Stop Die


These are dancefloor anthems for dark times; lullabies for orphans; and singalongs for bonfires where the wild things are.


Stop Die want you to love you.

Stop Die first came to the public’s attention a few years ago (as Stop Die Resuscitate) when they independently released their debut album “Hell.o”, featuring a then unknown Ndidi Onukwulu. After her departure to pursue a solo career, much of their output was focused on remix work for various indie artists looking for an extreme make over (Tegan & Sara, Apostle of Hustle, You Say Party! We Say Die!, New Buffalo, and many more). Unlike most studio nerds, Stop Die also developed a fantastic stage show: performing at Pop Montreal, NXNE, Pride Toronto, LOLA Festival; touring with controller.controller, OK Go, No Luck Club; and being specifically selected at home to support acts such as Shout Out Out Out Out, Cadence Weapon, and other incendiary performers.

In 2007 Montreal's Summer Lovers Unlimited (Duchess Says, Dandi Wind, Twin Crystals, etc) released the "Bad Night" EP to the acclaim of taste makers worldwide, making DJs playlists from LA to Tokyo and New York to Paris. Unfortunately, SLU dissolved before their LP could be released, and the dudes decided to take a break; occasionally performing one off shows and DJing here and there. However, the fun was starting to fade.

So one night, Lucas Costello (vocals) and Lyle Crilly (guitar/synth) got together, performed a ritual sacrifice upon a laptop, and recited the ancient magic words, “Fuck it”. As the smoke was settling from the melted LCD screen; Mario Laquintana (drums) and Scott Morris (bass/synth) stumbled upon this bizarre ritual (perhaps summoned by these magic words). Within moments they joined in the chant.

An LP becomes an EP (Trouble, Unfamiliar Records UN7-003 September 2010) and another knife is sharpened in the dark.

Not long ago Stop Die would have been content to see party goers on the dance floor, now they won’t be happy until someone ends up in the emergency room.

This is love making music for leather daddies and dominatrixes, dance music for foot fetishists and self harmers, or perhaps, driving music for lost highways and five car pileups. Take a pill, empty out your bank account, or do whatever else gets you through the night. Stop Die will be more than happy to soundtrack all your nightmares best parties.

-LA 2010

Recent Highlights:
June 2010
Toronto, ON

January 2010
SynthFest Showcase
Toronto, ON

October 2009
X Avant Festival/Apres Avant Series
Toronto, ON

September 2009
LOLA Festival
London, ON



Trouble 7" (Unfamiliar Records)

Bad Night EP (Summer Lovers Unlimited)
Bad Night (Tacteel Remix) on Je Ne Vous Oublierai Pas (Institubes/Octave Lab Japan)

hell.o (independent)

New Buffalo - Emotional Champ (myspace promo - Arts & Crafts)
Tegan & Sara - Back In your Head (unreleased/leaked - Warner/Sire)
vitaminsforyou - B4U (B4U digi EP - sfeericle records)
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Quiet World ("Remik's Cube" - Paper Bag)

Apostle of Hustle - Haul Away (Arts 7 Crafts Sampler Vol. 4 - Arts & Crafts)
Dandi Wind - Adolescent (Sacrificial EP - Summer Lovers Unlimited)
My Brightest Diamond - Golden Star (itunes release - Asthmatic Kitty)
vitaminsforyou - Flesh Python (Flesh Python 12" - sfeericle records)

Set List

Sets can vary from 30-60min in length