Stop Die Resuscitate

Stop Die Resuscitate


Combining elements of glitchy techno with gritty Hip Hop and having the attitude of trashy punk. Stop Die Resuscitate is an exciting blend of Musical Styles that will leave you wanting more!


Stop Die Resuscitate is a band that you can't pigeonhole, each member has a wide range of differing influences. From Hip Hop and Funk to Punk rock and glitchy techno, combined this brings out a truly unique style of there own. Lyle Crilly has played in a variety of bands from Brit pop to alt Country, and is a talented multi-instrumentalist. Lucas Costello has been one of the preimere vocalists, rapping in the underground Hip Hop scene in Toronto and Vancouver for many years, and Ndidi Onukwulu has been know to add her vocal stylings to everything from R&B and Funk groups to Hip Hop and Punk Rock bands.


New Album due out in Early December entitled
Lullaby -has been played on several college stations within the last 6 months.

Set List

Our set can be anywhere from a half hour to an hour long. We don't do any covers yet.
Songs are:
Angel sheets
Lady Mcbeth
little Johnny
Rat race
Riot Society