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Bowling Green has a long history of indie rock band recycling.
Various members from fragmented projects starting new and improved groups with a redefined focus on crafting a fresh sound. It is a musical phenomenon in a college town filled with young and energetic musicians processing seemingly endless creativity.
Some of the local rock scene's most original band names have been forged out this Phoenix-like musical phenomenon, many of which draw a direct lineage to the rock-soul sextet Stop Don't Stop.
The Tapes, Bullet Teeth, The Press Gang, Modern Soviet Enemies, Talk About the Debutantes: the short list of somewhat disbanded local groups that members of Stop Don't Stop used to call their own.
Where Stop Don't Stop may draw distinction from other re-formed groups is their utilization of two percussion players and their attention to cobbling unique musical forms into a hybrid indie rock style.
Their debut album, "Sweating Through the Night" calls on these elements, and more, in what is ultimately an ambitious debut.

Tracks shift from straight-ahead indie rock, to blues-tapered soul and even surf-style rock and roll, without loosing focus.
"There is an indie rock aspect, but we are also looking back on some of the classics a little bit," Edward said. "A little bit of Motown, Otis Redding and James Brown, but also taking a more rock and roll side of things and mixing it up and seeing what happens."
From the first track on their debut, there is a relentless pulse to this band ... Much of that heart-beat comes from the band's two percussion players, Edwards and Corey Zidow, who propel the sextet with a simple but strong drive.
Front man, main lyricist and BG native Corey Baum solidly holds everything together with expressive vocals that showcase his natural voice in stronger manner than his past, harder (and louder) projects.
He is strongly supported throughout the 11 album tracks by Ben Lucas and Brett Horner on guitar, Edwards and Zidow on drums and Brandon Smith on bass.
Edwards noted that releasing this album was a focal point when the band assembled in early 2008, unfinished business for many band members who had attempted to release albums in their old projects but simply ran out of time before breaking up.
"It feels really good that we started out saying we were going to make a full-length and we pushed through and made it happen," Edwards said. "We are shooting high." - Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune


February 4, 2008 - "Don't" EP
August 15, 2008 - "Sweating Through the Night" LP
TBA - new EP coming soon!



Stop Don't Stop was born in northwest Ohio, downriver from Detroit. Their sound is what you'd expect from the accumulated 40-year flotsam of the Stooges, the MC5, the Jackson 5, and the Temptations. The 6-man lineup mixes classic R&B, soul, punk, and rock & roll into a giant block party that even the neighbors can't hate.

Stop Don't Stop debuted in February 2008. A bootstrapping band with a Midwestern work ethic, their first year included non-stop shows, a regional tour, and a full-length CD (self-recorded, -engineered, and -released). They're currently working on their next album and playing out around the region.

Members have a long legacy of local rock and roll. Between them, they have played in a half dozen bands, released a handful of recordings, and played across the country from WA to PA.
They're not stopping now.